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Feb 12, 2012 05:28 PM

Birria in KC

I want to go eat birria, the kind served like stew in a bowl with the chili broth/gravy. Chivo, borrego, res, I don't really care what kind. I can't find it in a restaurant by way of google. I've seen it for sale in carnecerias by the pound, but not much in the way of gravy seems to come with this type. Does anyone know of a sit-down place that has it on the menu in KC? I prefer KCMO midtown, KCK or JoCo to eastern Jax which is pretty far out of my way. But all information would be welcome.

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  1. This review ( suggests that they have it at Chapala, on Truman east of I-70 near Van Brunt. The picture shows it served in tortillas, so it doesn't look like a stew, but i am not familiar with the dish.

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      Thanks! I'll go check it out, tortillas always come with in my experience (in Chicago)

    2. Birrieria Michoacana just opened in KCK at 10th and central. The guys are from central Mexico and thats their specialty! Go early though, they sell out almost every day.

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        Awesome, I'm there tomorrow! Thanks!

      2. OK, finally made it here, it's great. 8 bucks (cash only) gets a big bowl of fall-apart tender meat and lovely mild, chile-infused broth, tortillas, onions, cilantro and lime. I had lamb, they also had beef, chivo, and pork that day. Everyone should eat here, pleasant white dining room, families in there for Sunday dinner when I was, it's nice. At 78 N 10th KCK, a few blks north of Central Ave.

        1. Birrieria Michoacana moved to 719 Kansas Ave, KCK