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Feb 12, 2012 05:21 PM

Bacon with Everything

I know there has been a similar thread before but I feel inspired to restart the topic......My better half was making Pumpkin Scones, based on the Starbuck version when she was inspired to crumble some left-over bacon on the icing..........bbbbbbaaaaaccccccccoooooonnnnnnnn (drooling a la Homer Simpson). It was sublime.

Any more new(ish) suggestions????

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  1. Last week's Super Bowl gathering had Chocolate Covered Bacon.......not a strip leftover.

    1. Buy a vegan cookbook. Add bacon to a recipe of your choice.

      Optional: start a food blog and post pictures with the goal of making a vegan cry.

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      1. I think you'd probably get some great ideas from this All About Bacon should definitely adda few recipes to it too..I'm dying over the idea of a mac&cheese pie with bacon on top!

        1. Bacon Snicker Doodles.
          I use some Bacon fat in the cookie, cooked and powdered Bacon to add to the sugar for rolling.

          1. Veggie burgers with bacon? Actually, I think they might not be bad - at least better than some of the cheaper beef-based burgers!

            But since almost nothing can beat a BLT with tomatoes fresh from the garden - how about a tomato soup with a bacon garnish>

            I've seen bacon-infused vodka, but haven't tasted it: it would make an interesting Bloody Mary, at least in theory.