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Feb 12, 2012 04:59 PM

Best Boston dessert (only) caterers

Hello all,

I'm looking for Boston's best dessert caterer: someone who would be thrilled to be turned loose to make a completely mind-blowing unusual, creative and delicious dessert-only buffet at a party for 50 people to be held at my house. I'd really rather not just buy a spread from a good bakery because I can't afford the time to display it myself and keep it refreshed, enticing and exciting over the course of the 4 or 5 hour party. I'm also interested in the idea of dishes that need to be baked/assembled last-minute and at least some (passed?) hors d'oeuvre-style compositions. Spring seasonal flavors would be great (party's end of April). Budget is wide open: I just want it to be a dessert connoisseur's paradise with nary a molten chocolate cake nor creme brulee in sight. TIA for any leads chows!

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