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Feb 12, 2012 04:55 PM

Fasika in Somerville

Just back from dinner. We used our Goupon. One warning, they only honor the Groupon for food, not soda or coffee. We had 4 main courses, three veggie and one lamb. Vegetable curry was loved by all. The lamb dish came with a very tasty salad and got two high marks and one middlin from the carnivores. To my surprise I really liked the split yellow pea dish. Everyone else thought it was good so it came in third place. The last dish was colalrd greens. It came in fourth but it was good. The four items really worked well together. I think the salad is on the menu as an app. Don't miss it. It was very tasty. We will go back.

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  1. We just went to Fasika and we loved it. I have lived in New York and DC for the last 20 years and Fasika is as good as (better than many) any Ethiopian in either of those cities.

    We had rare kitfo special, it was warm, spicy, and buttery tossed with peppers and served with mitmita and delicious. We asked for the homemade cheese that it normally comes with, but they were out much to our dismay.

    We also had doro wot. We ordered it mild for our one year old. It was rich and full flavored with a little spice. It came with TWO drumsticks which I have never seen befor, but that was great because the baby got her own and loved it.

    We ordered yebeg alicha which was mild as well (baby loves lamb). The sauce was rich and delicious.

    Lastly, we ordered the tegabino which is what they call their shiro wot. This is my favorite Ethiopian dish and it was no let down at Fasika.

    We also had the coffee which was prepared traditionally, which we rarely see and were pleased about that.

    The service was typical for Ethiopian restaurants. I think it is just not that important to them. So that for me is a wash. However, the owner came out from the kitchen and talked to us for a while. That was very nice.

    At many Ethiopian restaurants there is usually one dish that stands our and the rest are relatively bland. It was an unique experience at Fasika because everything we ordered was so very flavorful and delicious. Every dish we ordered we ended up digging at the injera at the bottom of the serving plate to get that last bit of juicy goodness. We loved this place and can't wait to return.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of Fasika. I've gone to Habesha in Malden and Lucy's near Symphony for Ethiopian more recently; it's time get back to Fasika.

      (Is Habesha still open, btw? Their website is giving me a 403.)