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Feb 12, 2012 04:29 PM

New Fortune in Gaithersburg CHOWDOWN

Several DC Chowhounders met today for Dim Sum at New Fortune in Gaithersburg, perhaps inspired by this recent thread:

Service was top rate, and the carts come quickly. You can quickly have too much food on the table, even when you are sharing. Without a lazy susan we passed the dishes family style, which worked out fine.

My favorites were the vegetable (was that rabe or spinach?) and the mushrooms. Of the dumplings, the shrimp was nicest. The pork and shrimp dumpling had a bit of shrimp shell inside.

I think it was a mistake to ask for the sauce, a soy sauce reduction, which was waaay too salty.

The best part of the day was meeting new friends and sharing a meal with fellow hounds. Thanks for coming! Thanks MoCoMe for organizing!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. We also enjoyed meeting new people and getting different perspectives on the food. Some of the carts came around late, after we were stuffed, so some thing we missed were the asparagus, green beans and the rabe. There is a constant debate about the best dim sum in the area. I am still of the belief that Oriental East in Silver Spring is better. However, New Fortune has some pastry items and greens that OE doesn't have (or I don't remember). It's nice to have such a wealth of choices. The sesame balls (my favorite part of dim sum), are delicious at both places. We agreed that the meat was generally dried out and should be avoided (we got the pork).

    Our next outing is to Joe's Noodle House for lunch Sat March 24- All are invited. The space there is much smaller, so it would be helpful to get a headcount, so we don't have to wait repeatedly to move to larger tables.
    Also if you know of a special dish we should get there (Steve...?), please let us know :-)