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Feb 12, 2012 04:03 PM

age old question....

I know I know, there's a ton of threads on this but everyone's answers are long and everyone has differing opinions for whatever reason. My BF and I cannot make a decision (belated anniversary and v-day in about a week)
NICE steakhouse dinner in the city....

(or add your own)

Capital (been there-obv. great worth trying somewhere else?)
Grill 23
Smith and Wollensky
Abe and Louie's (an old favorite but its been at least 4 years since ive been)
(no del friscos!)

thank you fellow chowhounders :)

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  1. It seems to me that Mooo (XV Beacon Hotel) and KO Prime (Nine Zero Hotel) get the most "props" from the Hounds; Mooo for offering "more ambitious" dishes like Beef Wellington, and KO for more "foodie friendly" app.'s & side dishes, as well as some "more interesting" carnivorous selections (offal). People have preferences on "dry" vs. "wet" aging, and some seem to be partial to stylistic differences. The only one I've been to recently is Smith & Wollensky (Waterfront), and I enjoyed one of the nicest steaks there I've ever had the pleasure of eating; wonderful "Parker House skillet bread", and competent service too. That being said, it's not where I'd want to go for an anniversary, or other auspicious romantic occasion. To me, the steakhouses lack warmth, and the food tends to lack flair/character/personality. If I were to chose a place of that ilk, I think the actual Parker House itself has a fine, underappreciated dining room, and has other choices than "meat n' sides" (and a bit more character than the chain steakhouses). There are other, more qualified posters here, but I hope you'll consider a local, independent kitchen that might be able to offer some inspired cuisine, and a nice piece of meat as well (TW Food?). Regardless, Happy Anniversary & Valentine's Day, and I hope you have a fantastic night out!

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    1. re: BrettLove

      thank you! :) mooo is also a consideration-the fact that its not a chain is great.

      1. re: phatchris

        +1 on this. great grilled meats, awesome wine list and beautiful home-made pastas. the egg ravioli haunts my dreams.

      2. I think KO Prime gets shat on pretty often for not actually serving prime cuts of beef.

        1. Pricey and not on your list, but O Ya.

          (fair warning: it's $61 for two oz. that I loved, or $190 for 8oz. + frites that I haven't tried.)

          1. Or hey, Lumiere has hanger and sometimes a dynamite ribeye special.

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            1. re: enhF94

              Davios, Grill 23, KO Prime - in that order