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Feb 12, 2012 03:34 PM

Vietnamese food : which one?

Thinking of trying either Anh Dao or Kim Bo.
Heard they are both good but for different foods?
Which one? What to order?

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  1. anh dao is good for bun and the rice paper wraps (for the name), they are also above average for most other items on their menu. tho i do have issue that they seem to not use mint where i would have expected it.

    kim bo used to be excellent for a slightly more fine dining version, but last visit it was way off. i used to like the 7 beef dish and the frogs legs there. but both disappointed last trip.

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    1. re: KhaoSanRoad

      Thanks for your reply. Why were you disappointed?

      1. re: KhaoSanRoad

        Which bun do you recommend most at Anh Dao, KhaoSanRoad?

        Anyone have any other favourite Vietnamese restaurants for bun? Which bun do you usually order, when you dine there? Craving bun, but don't currently have a go-to resto in TO.

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          Anh Dao has great grilled meats. Grilled pork with spring roll and/or shrimp on sugarcane are my faves.

      2. I am a fan of Anh Dao, the bun is tasty and the grilled meats are especially awesome. I've heard mixed reviews about Kim Bo. If you are interested in more upscale (but still a great value) Vietnamese, check out Ha Long Bay on Eglinton - lunch bahn mi + soup + fall roll = win.

        1. Huge fan of Anh Dao! The pho broth is amazingly flavourful. I also love their rice paper wraps, bun and this starter they call "vietnamese spaghetti". It's essentially udon-type noodle with meat and vegetable, coconut milk and fish sauce. Be sure to try it should you visit.

          Kim Bo is not as good in my opinion, not as authentic. Been to the Richmond Hill Times Square location.

          1. I haven't been to Kim Bo but you can count me in as a big fan of Anh Dao's bun. I'll usually get #124, which comes with bbq pork and spring rolls (with pork and tarro, I think, though the tarro flavour doesn't really come through). Great balance of noodles, meat, veggies and herbs.

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                I quickly passed just today and the paper on the window says they are renovating. Maybe changing name if I understood correctly.

            1. Anh Dao is my go-to for pho. The broth has are really nice depth of flavour and the noodles are cooked perfectly (not too hard or soft). The rice paper rolls with grilled meats are really good too.