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Feb 12, 2012 03:24 PM

HELP: Where to eat in UT area

I'm doing research for a book, staying at Mansion at Judge's Hill for four nights, and can't find anywhere to eat.

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  1. Sagra?

    There's also some asian around, including veggie heaven.

    Clay pit is a bit of a hike in this cold.

    1. the carillon on UT campus serves good food at an excellent value. the veal and beef tenderloin are great. the pork belly is priced as an appetizer but is a meal by itself

      1. If you want really good food, the restaurant there, the Carillon, and Sagra all relatively easy walks. For less fancy, there are food trucks across the street. Wander further north and toward campus and find Fricano's for sandwiches. Wander east and try Dobie Mall (several places) or Flying Felafel. Plus countless fast food choices

        1. Are you the same person who posted similarly some time ago?

          The advice given then is still good, imo.

          1. Do you not have a car at your disposal?

            Near where you'll be staying, the Carillon is one of my favorite spots in town, and I've eaten at pretty much every upscale place in town.