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May 24, 2000 06:42 PM

great korean tofu house in San Diego

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I lived for a couple years in San Diego. My favorite restaurant there was the
Balboa Tofu House at 4646 Convoy in the Kearny Mesa area. It is a Korean
restaurant that serves only one main dish--soft tofu cooked in broth. But you
can choose from over twenty different additions to the broth (clams or pork
or mushrooms or pollack roe etc.) and can have the broth prepared any way
from bland to fiery. the main course is served with either white or brown
(actually purple) rice and several spicey Korean side dishes, like kim chee
and seaweed in a spicey sauce. This is a unique and wonderful and inexpensive
place. I can't recommend it too highly, and I miss it terribly.


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  1. I agree this place is great. It isn't actually unique, though -- Convoy Tofu House, at 4229 Convoy, on the other side of the street and a few blocks away, has a similar offering of bubbling hot tofu soup, with similar choices of added ingredients. Convoy also has bibimbap, which is a nice menu expansion (and grilled meat items, too, but I wouldn't know about those, being a veggie-head myself. Depending on the day, Balboa Tofu House and Convoy Tofu House trade places in terms of which has the better side dishes.

    One other thought: where are you living now? I wouldn't give up on the idea of finding a similar Korean tofu house where you are now. I ran across a good one in Fullerton recently, for example.