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Shredded provolone? DiBruno Bros?

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I'm looking to find shredded provolone for a recipe for surprise dinner on Valentine's Day. Does anywhere in Philadelphia sell it pre-shredded? I've never seen it before. Does DiBruno Brothers shred cheese to order? My office is near the CC location and I live near the Italian Market location. I know I could just shred it myself - but I'm looking to save time as I need to pick it up after work, make the recipe and get it in the oven before my partner gets home from work!

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  1. MB: How much does this recipe call for? I can think of shredding enough for any recipe with the shredding disc on the food processor (or even hand grating with a grater) in under 90 seconds. Calculate your walking or driving time, waiting in line, paying and making the return trip. Home prep will likely be much more efficient.

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      That's a good point, but like I said, both DiBrunos locations are en route. I dont have a food processor but I can use a box grater. The recipe calls for a pound of cheese so it would take me some time shred it all.

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        If they don't already have it, you might be able to call ahead to DiBruno's and ask them to shred it for you. I think I've seen shredded provolone in the Acme, but the quality at DiBruno's would be much better.

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          I can't say I've had cheese shredded there, but I can speak to the provolone at the CC location. I tried the deli-style provolone they had because I wanted it for a sandwich, and it was not very good. Very sweet for a provolone, and I like it very very sharp. Not sure what the recipe calls for, but unless it allows for hard, aged cheese that can't be melted, I'd skip DiBrunos CC. Otherwise, give them a hoot by phone tomorrow, I'm sure they'd be able to tell you if they can do it.

          On the other hand, Salumeria in RTM had some very good sharp provolone, but again, it all depends on what you're looking for.

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            deli-style prove and sharp prove are drastically different things. I'm sure DiBruno's carries both.

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              They do carry both. With a chef's knife you can shred a ton in a few minutes, no worries. Any sold shredded is pasteurized and processed and not very good.

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                I've no doubt about this, but the gentleman behind the aged cheese counter was very insistent on getting the deli-style despite my expressed desire for very sharp. He seemed to just be pushing whatever he wanted to get rid of rather than actually trying to accomodate my preference. Just wanted to warn the OP to avoid the DiBrunos CC if he needed cheese that could be easily melted.

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                  We moved a discussion about plain vs. sharp provolone for the original poster's recipe over to Home Cooking, since it's not a local issue and hounds from all over are likely to have opinions on the subject. Weigh in here: http://www.chow.com/topics/833661