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Feb 12, 2012 02:47 PM

GE Profile Appliances

Just purchased a GE profile convection oven and GE profile microwave two months ago. (December 2011)

After installation, we have had 2 service calls for each.

Oven: Four pads on the oven door were missing. Serviceman arrived with two and then indicated that we could just call GE to send the other two. We called and they refused to send them unless we paid $18 in shipping. They did agree to send them to the store for us to pick them up. Now that we tried the oven we discover that the fan noise is so loud that we cannot talk in the kitchen. It is as loud as a vacuum cleaner. We do have an extended warranty and we will follow up with GE but we have already been waiting for several weeks for the repair of our microwave.

Microwave: The under counter light did not work and the technician came. He repaired it saying that it was a factory fault. The microwave then began making a loud noise. We called again. The serviceman came and said it was a transformer that now needs replacing. It was ordered and we have waited several weeks for them to arrive.

It is now two months and neither appliance has been fully functional since their purchase and GE does not respond in a timely manner to service calls.

We will persist in getting the matters resolved. It sure does appear that quality control for GE products has been delegated to the customer rather than at the manufacturing level. It is no wonder that it takes several weeks for service to respond, they must be incredibly busy with customers complaints when they discover missing pads, inoperative lights, broken transformers and very noisy fans.

On the plus side, they look nice and the servicemen attending have been very nice (but busy!)

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  1. Where did you purchase these appliances? Did you get a factory second or floor model?

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    1. re: Sid Post

      They were both brand new appliances directly from the factory boxes. It is particularly unfortunate because they were both the GE top of the line models. The fact that they don't even inspect whether door bumper pads are installed or that the light and fan are properly working is a serious GE shortfall. When the service man came, he said he needs to return with a helper due to the weight of the machine. To have the repair done to the transformer, they must detach it from the wall, remove the exhaust vent so that they can replace the broken part and it will likely mark up the newly renovated cupboards and backsplash.

      I expect the cost to repair the exhaust vent and cupboard/backsplash marks will not be covered by GE. Of course we must be at home to receive the service call. Fortunately they do give us a call just before they are coming.

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        Ridiculous! What is going on? Is the service guy from your vendor? Or warranty guy for GE? Don't tell me you bought through *shudder* a place like Direct Buy...

        1. re: freia

          They were purchased through highly regarded vendor. The service man is GE certified. The problem with service is that we must communicate through the GE 800 number and they follow some protocols. The service man said it would be easier if GE mailed the last two bumper pads to us so that we could avoid having to wait for another service call. Unfortunately the 800 service operator said that their protocol prevented them from doing that. They could only mail them to the service man or the store but not to the customer unless the customer paid $18 for delivery. The parts are worth less than $0.50. So instead of paying $18 for delivery we elected to have them mail them to the store where we will pick them up and install them ourselves. That way we can do it without having to wait for a service call. The service man was only trying to help but did not realize that the GE protocol proved problematic.

          1. re: joyfull888

            SUCK!!! What a nightmare...complete nightmare...

    2. My kitchen is primarily GE Profile. A Trivection oven, Advantium Oven, and a black ceramic cook top. They're six years old now. Installed them when I bought the house. The only problem I have had to date is that the light in the Advantium doesn't work the way it should. I'm too lazy to have a home warranty service call. I know they would fix it. Maybe some day. But if I were you, I'd be really really ticked! I also tend to think there is at least as much fault with your vendor as there is with GE. The vendor deals with these kinds of problems all of the time, and if they want good word of moutth advertising, seems to me they'd be doing all within their power to make you happy! What's wrong with them?

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      1. re: Caroline1

        The store was responsive to the warranty calls for 30 days following purchase. After that, the store refers you to your warranty. As I mentioned, we do have extended warranties which were purchased and we are not shy about relying on them.

        1. re: joyfull888

          Are you in the U.S. or Canada? I've had 3 GE profile appl. (range,Fridge and DW) I had no problems with the range or fridge but I had the DW replaced 3 times and I didn't even ask for it to be replaced , service guy had to come back for the second time and the 2nd time just ordered a new one, he was about to order a 4th and I said don't bother I'll put up with the sticky wheels on the upper tray,, that was the only thing wrong with it.

          The convection fan shouldn't be that loud, even on the roast stting on mine I can't hear it with the door shut.
          I also bought the 3 pieces from 3 different stores at 3 different times, as I am after the best price

      2. We have a GE Profile double oven, top one convection lower one not convection, both self cleaning. Floor models sold at a significant discount.
        Our vendor installed them, and since installation, not a single problem. That was over 5 years ago. Perhaps it is a vendor issue? Or perhaps their quality control has gone downhill in the past few years. Sorry to hear about your experience.

        1. We had issues with GE applainces a number of years ago and when we remodeled the kitchen, GE appliances were off the table for that very reason. One kitchen designer was pushing them really hard, but that was definately not the way we wanted to go. Appliances don't last forever, you would think that if they wanted repeat customers, they would do a better job with customer service and quality control.

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            You would think...the kitchen designer probably had a tie in with their sales or something. Good think that you listened to your gut instinct IMHO.