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Feb 12, 2012 02:40 PM

Gluten-free vegan at SFO?

I realize this is a tall order, but we have a short layover on a long flight and are limited as to what we can bring along or get onboard...and it will be late when we arrive at our final destination.
I see that Firewood and √Āndale may have options?

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  1. Here is the official airport list of venues.

    It really depends on which terminal you are in. The International terminal has the most food options that are outside security so anyone can access them. The most recently renovated Terminal 2 has great choices, but all inside security. SFO is not that big so you can get from one terminal to another relatively easily. By a short layover, I assume you mean not long enough to leave the airport, but enough time to get a meal. Both Firewood and Andale would be good choices if they have items that appeal to you. The food will be better than what is usually associated with airport food. If you are really short on time, you should be able to find salad and fruit options to pick up even at the quick service counters.

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      Thanks we'll be at in terminal 3, so that looks promising.

      1. re: lgss

        san francisco soup company also has Gluten free and vegan options. It has been a long time since i have eaten at the airport, but i know Andale also has GF vegan options.

          1. re: lgss

            We ate at the SF Soup Company.

              1. re: Euonymous

                We found it tasty and convenient. I just gave ate the soup and gave my bread to my husband who is not gluten-free. We had taken along a GF, vegan backpacker dehydrated meal in case we couldn't find anything that would work but didn't have to use it.

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