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Feb 12, 2012 02:32 PM

Best Shabu Shabu?

I went to Shabu Zen in Chinatown years ago and liked it, but am wondering if Kaze is better? Or the Shabu Zen in Allston (from this board, it doesn't seem like it but I thought I'd check again...) Are there any other Shabu Shabu options in the Greater Boston area?

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  1. I would recommend Swish Shabu. It's located in Restaurant Row in the Fenway area and has awesome broths, a wide selection of meats, and a pretty tasty set of sushi and cooked appetizer options. Personally, I'm addicted to its Tonkotsu broth and Szechuan Mala (spicy and nubing) broth with the fatty beef and Meyer's organic rib eye. It just opened a week ago so the decor and facilities are brand new. An added plus is the good ventilation system in the joint, which helps reduce the smell sticking to your clothes afterwards. I've been to all of the hot pot places in the Boston area, but think this place stands out among them all. Shabu Zen was great when it first opened but it hasn't kept up with the others in terms of the quality/price ratio as well as taste. I always leave there feeling like I've just been given an MSG bomb.

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      We ate at Swish Shabu just last night and although it was my first hot pot experience (so I cant compare it to others), the food was great, the service was very accommodating & attentive and the prices quite reasonable. We also added a few maki rolls which were perfectly fine and well presented. Two of us ate well for approximately $60 with tip - we stuck to water and soft drinks as is our usual modus operandi, so there was no bar bill as part of that price.

    2. Shabu Shabu is the Japanese version.. try Little Q Hot Pot in Arlington for the Chinese take on it.. really hot but flavorful Mala broth..

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        Also, Little Q is the sister restaurant of Q, in Chinatown.

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          I like Kaze a lot, better than Shabu Zen.

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          Love the Mala and crazy Mala at Q, also the XLB.

        3. I've been to both Shabu Zen's as well as Kaze. I'll have to try the others listed here but if you are in the Natick area, Ten-Ichi is a nice restaurant. I ordered their RibEye which was not as good as I've had at Shabu Zen wrt tenderness but the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is nicer. Also, they have sushi as well as some other entree dishes if others in your party are not up for hot pot. (Which is the case for me...I love it but others don't.)