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Feb 12, 2012 02:18 PM

Need restos in Carpentras or Mazan

My hubby and I are spending 2 nights at a chateau between Carpentras and Mazan. Any suggestions for terrific food? Wide open here - happy with a fab local bistro or Michelin stars. We know, either way, the wine will be spectacular.

Thanks in advance, Chows!

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  1. We live part of the year in Sablet which is about 20 kms north of Carpentras. Unfortunately, there are not any great restaurants in either Carpentras or Mazan. Friday morning there is a large market which occurs throughout the year in Carpentras. Afterwards, we go many times to eat lunch at Chez Serge which is located very near the main market area.

    Skip L'Oulo in Mazan; we have eaten there and it didn't live up to expectations at all. I was about the only person there in the restaurant on a winter evening and the chef spent a long time complaining to me about the fact that the Michelin inspectors had overlooked his restaurant.

    To the north of Carpentras, there are several very good/excellent restaurants including L'Oustalet in Gigondas, Les Abeilles in Sablet, Le Grand Pré in Roaix (Michelin star), Campagne, Vignes et Gourmandises in Sainte Cecile les Vignes and Coteaux et Fourchettes in Cairanne.

    We recommend all of these restaurants. I have pictures of the restaurants and food on our blog I hope this helps.

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      That's wonderfully helpful - thanks so much!