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Feb 12, 2012 01:55 PM

Terrific Indian and Afghan Restaurant in MetroWest

A remarkable new restaurant has opened in Metrowest Village!

After waiting to try MAZA in MetroWest Village, I was delighted to find out that it not only serves wonderful Indian and Afghan food, but is also cozy and incredibly hospitable.

I enjoyed a great lunch with perfectly spiced vegetable soup, black lentil and kidney bean dal with excellent basmati, and sumptiously seasoned vegetables along with perfect naan. My husband tried Qabli Palow, an aromatic and delicately spiced Afghan dish that came with a choice of the soup or a house salad and that fabulously fresh, warm naan! He chose the salad and was delighted. It was topped with a creamy mint dressing that was a perfect complement to greens, resplendent with chunks of cucumber and tomato. We both enjoyed piping hot cardomom green tea. The service was professional as well as warm. We loved it!

Note: Maza offers live music on Saturday nights.

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  1. Post your menu as well as where you are located in Florida.

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      MetroWest is part of Orlando, south of downtown near the theme park/tourist area.

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        Agree with you kenr. Totally busted.