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Feb 12, 2012 01:52 PM

36" wolf venting and grill advice

we have decided to put in a 36" wolf cooktop for our new kitchen but are getting conflicitng info re: the venting needs and the configuration....

We will have outside venting but it will be running out the back of our apt and then up to the roof....

We were also looking at getting the version with the grill but have read mixed reviews about it as a functional grill. We won't grill a lot but like the idea of having the option (mostly for fish and veggies and the occasional piece of meat).

We were looking at hoods with 1000rpms - that are 38" in length.....Would this be adequate for your standard 36" 6 burner cooktop? We will also get the wok grill cover and will be making use of that, but I don't see that as high grease cooking?

Is that enough if we go up to the 4 bruner and grill configuration given that it's not like we're cooking steaks every night?


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  1. For such a small grill, you should be okay. It really depends on how much smoke you will get from your grilling and how much exhaust you need for your burners. A big pot of pasta water on a big burner can generate a lot of steam and humidity in your house if you don't get it vented.

    1. I'll assume you mean 1000 cfm, not RPM, as I don't think rpm makes any difference, other in how it relates to cfm. That's a good amount of air and as long as you mount it at the proper height should be enough air movement. Another consideration is the depth of the hood, the deeper the better it's going to work as well, you want your range completely under the hood. We put a 42" wide hood that's 24" deep over our 36" rangetop, and mounted it 30" above the rangetop. I'm also going to assume you are refering to a rangetop and not a cooktop. I didn't know there was a difference untill we went appliance shopping. A cooktop is a drop in and a rangetop is a higher powered unit that slides in from the front. At least that's what we were told.

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        Ditto on the hood width and height, with the adder that we put in a 27" deep hood. No extra charge vs 24" deep from VAH at the time.

      2. May we assume that the venting is already in place? The diameter of that pipe affects the overall result. The BEST result (with the least noise in the kitchen), will be to use a roof-mounted fan, to augment the local fan. But ... you said it's an apartment so gosh knows what you might be allowed to do up there ...

        It's hard to know what CFM is "appropriate", without knowing the length, diameter and turns in your venting pipes. But ... 1000 is probably in the right range, especially if that's a separate roof vent fan, adjustable all the way down where the cooktop is.