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Looking for private dining for 16 to 18 people

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Downtown or midtown, budget is not an issue. For a Sunday night which unfortunately eliminates a number of good fine dining options.

Have considered the following choices so far but looking for other options:

* Brassaii - beautiful space but reviews are very mixed, Seems they are poorly managed

* Ciao Wine Bar - nice space, bad reviews

* Caren's Wine Bar - good reviews but the upstairs room doesn't have as much character as we would like

Not available on Sunday: George, Spendido, Kultura, Corner House

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    1. le select bistro has private section at back and is open on a sunday

      1. Jacob's is open on Sundays and has some nice private rooms as well.


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          +1 for Jacob's & Co. Best steakhouse in the city.

        2. Love the private rooms at Barberians, not sure about Sunday though.

          1. Have decided on Eight Wine Bar at the Cosmopolitan hotel. We will have the bar for cocktails and the back room for dinner, all private. So far they have been very accommodating. I ate there a few months ago and the food was quite good, although the service was just so-so. The bar area is very chic looking and should make for a nice venue. I'll post back here in a few weeks with the outcome.


            Eight Wine Bar
            8 Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1E1, CA