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Feb 12, 2012 01:19 PM

foods you eat to get full without consuming too many calories?

I am quite health conscious and watch my weight; for a small person though I can eat a ton! I need some ideas to up the satiety factor without upping the calories/packing on weight!

I am literally the "graze all day" type...I eat about 1600-2000 calories daily and I'm really active. Being 4'11 and just under 100 pounds really doesn't leave much room for many extras.

What do you eat to shave off some calories and avoid being ravenous all day.

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  1. Nothing beats naked celery ribs, unfortunately.

    1. Ha! If I knew THAT, I'd be at my goal weight by now. Interested to see what the others say. And unfortunately, I have a verrrry efficient system meaning I get next to nothing in terms of calories and still the weight won't budge. Sigh.

      1. Protein... nothing keeps you feeling satisfied longer. In my case, it's protein fat, and low carbs, but if you eat substantial carbs, you can stick to lean proteins for satiety. I'll also snack on half sour pickles or dried seaweed snacks.

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          I find that a bit of protein or fat works for me too. My snacks inc.
          A 1 oz. piece of cheddar, a couple of water crackers and 1/2 c. of grapes - about 150 cals.
          A piece of country ham or roast turkey wrapped around lettuce (I like the crunch from iceberg) - abount 100 calories.
          An apple with peanut butter for about 150 cals.

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            One hard-boiled egg on a slice of wheat toast fills me up for hours.

          2. Veggies, veggies and more veggies. With breakfast. With lunch. With dinner. Even with snacks. My mid-morning fruit sometimes ends up being a green smoothie - lots of raw veggies there. Afternoon snack will sometimes include a vegetable soup of some sort. Souped, stir fried, roasted, smoothied - the possibilities are, indeed, endless. Add some herbs and or spices/seasonings, you can spend a lifetime trying all the different possibilities. And I am. Ravenously.

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              oh, heavens yes -- anyone who followed Weight Watchers knows about the vegetable soup -- vegetables simmered in chicken broth, then half-pureed to make it silky-textured.

              We've all downed gallons of the stuff -- and yes, it's very low-calorie, nearly fat-free, tasty, and yes, it will keep you going between meals.

              V-8, too -- for all the same reasons.

            2. Organic celery with almond butter, raisins, and lots of cinnamon...keeps me full