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Feb 12, 2012 12:50 PM

Need help whittling down the Rome restaurant list for our March honeymoon

Hello Rome experts!

I am finalizing our itinerary for Rome (8-Mar - 11-Mar), Florence (12-Mar - 15-Mar) and Venice (15-Mar - 17Mar). I have a dizzying array of restaurants to choose from and have been culling the blogs to get the most recent/best places. As background, I used to be in the wine industry, and my husband is an accomplished amateur chef, so we are definitely looking for high quality food/wine experiences over 'chic' environments. We've had lots of Michelin-starred experiences, and enjoy those, but since this is our first trip to Italy (and our honeymoon), we are looking for true foodie gems.

To that end, here is what I have - if you can help me narrow down to the BEST experiences, I would greatly appreciate it. We are also doing Kenny's food tour while we are in town, but are passing on the traditional 'cooking class'...

8-Mar (arriving in rome at 4:30pm, so dinner only): glass hostartia or l'asino d'oro. hotel recommended Hi Res, but I saw some poor reviews recently.

9-Mar - considering lunch at Enoteca cavour 313 b/c we are doing all of the 'touristy' things that day. Dinner at Settembrini or Palatium. (Restaurant recommended Babbo also)

Other places on the list:
Da Danilo
Ristorante Tema
La Vineria Reggio
la Gatta Mangiona
La Taverna dei Monti

Clearly you see our problem here, as there are more restaurants on this condensed list than we have meals to accommodate! I am also worried because there is no pizza listed yet...HELP!
- what's on the list that we should take off?
- what is the priority?
- what are we missing, especially in terms of great wine bars where we can taste lots of varietals?

Thank you for your help!

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  1. also forgot to add Osteria del Pegno to the list....

    1. You can safely strike Hi Res, Babbo, Ristorante Tema, La Vineria Reggio, La Taverna dei Monti and Osteria del Pegno from your list.

      The only traditional places on your remaining list are Da Danilo and Perilli. La Gatta Mangiona is a pizzeria. Settembrini and Glass Hostaria are creative; Glass has a Michelin star. Palatium showcases the products of the region of Lazio, not always in traditional recipes. L'Asino d'oro is Umbrian/Roman with a creative twist. You can search Chowhound for all of these; they have all been discussed in many threads.

      1. Best meal I've had in Rome in many years was at Checchino. Very traditional Roman menu. My wife lived there for many years and our friends in the food and wine industry send people there constantly. We ate for 3 hours or so last time. It's wonderful and not 'chic.' More old school with serious, remarkable food.

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        1. re: JeremyEG

          Thank you so much Zerlina and Jeremy for the recos. I appreciate it. Any thoughts on Aroma? Pricey, but it is our honeymoon... Also, anything else that should be on the list and I have missed?

          1. re: k23peters

            Aroma wasn't very good last time I was there. Incredible setting, true. But food just so so, and extremely expensive.


        2. Take a look at the post I just did under Splurge Restaurant in Rome--Pipero al Rex would be where I would go as #1 on my list. For homestyle, I would go to Armando al Pantheon where I was taken today by a restauranteur and a waiter today and where I have been taken previously by a Gambero Rosso reviewer who lives in Rome.

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            YUM! I think I remember reading about this place way back when our trip was originally scheduled in Nov. We will try to squeeze this and Checchino in for sure! Thanks again for the great recommendations!

            1. re: GeraldI

              I had lunch at Pipero the other day and certainly agree that it's superb.