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Feb 12, 2012 11:22 AM


I thought Friday's shoot was bad being in Simi Valley, but a quick chowhound search led us to the Greek House which was delectable

Now, an even more preposterous challenge -- any good food for lunch in Upland?

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  1. If you have time to drive to the Claremont village and back (probably 2-5 miles each way depending on where exactly you are in Upland), then The Back Abbey, The Press, and Eureka! are all good lunch options. Lots of folks here would add Walter's to the list, but IMHO it's gone downhill a bit.

    On edit: if by "urgent" you mean "today", then the Back Abbey and The Press won't be open at lunchtime, and Walter's will be on the brunch menu. Good burgers and beer at Eureka! though.

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      We were at a place in Montclair once and had what I thought was pretty darn good Mexican seafood. But that was quite sometime ago and I wondered if you have been (more recently) before, and if so what you thought of it?

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        Second, Back Abbey. Love their food (especially the duck fat fries). The owners just opened up a another casual dining establishment called Union on Yale (pizza, sandwiches, tapas, etc) not too far from the Back Abbey. If in Claremont, I'm also a fan of Kazama Sushi and Darvish Persian Restaurant.
        If in Upland, my favorites are San Biaggio's Pizza, Caffe Allegro (Italian), The Heights (American with some fusion), and Handel's Homemade Ice Cream (the best ice cream you'll ever have).

      2. Upland German Deli, a mom and pop type place. It's hard to find good german food in the LA area, and this is one of the few places that has it. The Reuben, bratwurst, german potato salad, spaetzle and desserts are all outstanding. It will not be a quick lunch -- they take a lot of care, and time, with their food. You will have food coma afterward!

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          I used to order schwarzwälder kirschtorte from that place. Glad to hear it's still around.

          Whenever I'm in the area, I go to China Point in Rancho Cucamonga for their hand pulled noodles in spicy seafood broth (chao ma mien). A better version in SGV/Monterey Park I have not been able to find.

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            They have the best apple strudel. Then stop by My Cupcakery for delicious bacon pancake cupcakes.

          2. There's a NY-style pizza joint right next door to Handel's Ice Cream in Upland. Double header.

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              That would be San Biaggio. That location is cash only.

            2. Thanks so much for the kind and swift help! Fortunately, I was able to elude the evil travel gods that were sending me to this locale.

              But my time will come, so I'm still listening. I'm leaning Caffe Allegro...

              This is take out for a crew and cast of ten

              1. If ambiance is no concern (and I do mean *none*), there's a decent taqueria inside the Shell station at the SW corner of Baseline and Miliken Ave. in Rancho Cucamonga. Google Maps has it labeled as a Del Taco but it's not (at least as of a couple months ago). Some of the best carnitas I've have in a long time.