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Feb 12, 2012 11:05 AM

Searching for Kerrygold in T.O.

Hey everyone,
I just moved back to Canada after 13+ years in Boston. I'm loving it here but missing several things, especially some of my pantry staples. Does anyone know where I can buy Kerrygold Irish Cheddar in Toronto? Thanks!

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  1. I found it in Metro and in Sobeys in Ajax - bought some last week.

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      Quite a few Metros carry it. I've picked it up at Shopper's World and Eglinton Square. Loblaws at Victoria Park has it. They also have Dubliner and Guinness Cheddar as well.

    2. Thank you both! I found their 50% reduced fat cheddar years ago and was thrilled that it tasted as good as full fat cheddars. Between that and getting their Guinness cheddar every March, I've become hooked. : )

      1. Highland Farms. Brit cheddars, too.

        1. Most Metros and Loblaws carry it, and so does the Bruno's on Dundas at Royal York. I've also seen it at some smaller stores like Village Market on Bloor near Bathurst, and at Qi Natural Foods.