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Feb 12, 2012 10:56 AM

Asian Delight--unusual menu items

We just received a menu for Asian Delight (in Fairfax) and as I was checking it out, I noticed some items I've never seen on a Chinese restaurant menu before: Duck Feet w/ Black Mushroom; Duck Tongue with Chive Flower; Duck Blood & Chive; Jelly Fish with Sauce; Fish Maw Soup; Sour Veggie & Intestine On Rice; Pigs Intestine & Sour Cabbage. As I was reading these items aloud, my husband (who has worked a bit in rural China) said, "that sounds like an authentic Chinese menu". The rest of the menu has more familiar items. Since I'm always searching for a decent Chinese restaurant that delivers, I was wondering if anyone has tried this place. Thanks.

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  1. You must mean this menu.

    That certainly is actual Chinese food. (BTW, the "dessert menu" brings up a picture dim sum menu!) In the past few years there's been an explosion of this kind of thing in places as far-flung as Pittsburgh and North Carolina, such as Chalins right in the District. Looks like they're using the same Web site builder.

    But there's already so much great Chinese food in the DC area (as you can find out by searching this board) it's hard for me to justify the time and money to check out another one (or three) that's serving me the same dishes I can get just about anywhere. So while I can recommend a dozen other places very highly, I can't tell you anything useful about either of those places.

    I have to admit it's amusing to read that you've never seen those things on a menu before, while I am basically bored by them. If you decide to try them, your adventure is about to begin. Enjoy!

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      I know Chinese people that eat Chinese food every day and they aren't bored by them. But apparently you are. I also can tell that these two restaurants don't serve the same cuisine. Furthermore, there's no authentic Cantonese restaurant in Fairfax to my knowledge other than Asian Delight.

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        Have you tried Asian Delight? I don't know why I haven't heard of it before. I'd love to give it a try. I like Miu Kee as Cantonese goes, but I generally stick with basics there, especially the soups which are my favorite in the area. There's also Cheong Wong--odd set up with Malibu GrillI in FairLakes that's pretty good Cantonese. I've only had take out dishes when my in-laws order to supplement dinner and have enjoyed everything I've had (it could also be my inlaws know how to order there). I agree the menus from Chalins and Asian Delights are very different. While it's getting better, NoVa doesn't have many great chinese restaurants and I have to travel to find them so I'm always on the lookout for more.

        1. re: chowser

          Cheong Wong has been closed for months.

          As for Asian Delight, we went a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday and then Saturday of the same week. We ordered pretty much the same dishes but it was like night and day. The food on Wednesday was warm and pretty average. But on Saturday, it was hot and delicious. Wednesday was a dinner and Saturday was for lunch.

          1. re: nova_ssss

            That's too bad that it's closed.

            The odd thing about Asian Delight is that it has two sites and two menus, both very different. It seems like they're catering to two different crowds.



            What did you get there?

            1. re: chowser

              "fairfaxasiandelight" is probably run by URL scammers. This happens a lot--a delivery service makes a false web site to drive business their way. In this case, the fraud is likely being committed by "" which is where the menu link redirects.

              1. re: KWagle

                Sorry to be ingnorant - does that mean if you oder on line - you get food from elsewhere. Or you don't get food but are charged?

                1. re: MarietteB

                  I've never ordered from any of these online food delivery companies. I assume you get food from the restaurant the scammers have set up the website for, but you don't get to see their whole menu, nor can you be certain you're being charged the same prices as you would be if you went to the restaurant yourself.

            2. re: nova_ssss

              Does anyone know what is going on with Cheong Wong? I loved some of their noodle dishes. There is a sign at the door saying they are remodeling - nothing seems to be happening. They seemed to do an OK business. I would love to have them come back!

        2. re: KWagle

          My family and I recently moved to the Forest Hills neighborhood of DC (just off Van Ness near Conn Ave) and have been frequenting Chalin's ever since. We have found so many wonderful things on the menu; more along the Szechuan style of cooking (I believe the chef is from Chengdu).

          In particular we love the tofu roll hot pot in the spicy chili sauce, the fish/tofu/straw mushrooms hot pot, and the cumin lamb. Of course they have the standard fare chinese food like hot and sour soup, etc, but we've been ordering off the "Chinese" menu ever since we discovered they had one.

          We brought some guests here from Shanghai and they commented on how authentic they thought the food was (perhaps they were just being polite?). I know that the Chinese embassy is within walking distance and I see a large number of what appear to be ex-pat Chinese or visiting Chinese dining here.

          In general however I'm always surprised at how empty the restaurant is. Even on a typically busy restaurant night like Friday or Saturday, the place is never crowded with people. Are we the only ones who like this place? Is it so off the beaten path they no one else has discovered it? Perhaps this style of cooking is not popular among the DC food crowd?

          I wish more people would frequent this place because we certainly don't want it to close now that we live so close to such a great Chinese restaurant.

        3. Thanks - it looks interesting and it is near by. I did check Yelp and it had some good and not so good reviews. Guess I'll have to try for myself.

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            Any feedback? I've not gotten a chance to try yet -- wondering if any other have?

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