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Feb 12, 2012 10:40 AM

Brunch: Elizabeth's or Dante's?

If forced to choose, which of these would make for a better brunch?

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  1. Dante's has more depth. Elizabeth's is more one note. But both good food.

    1. Dante's. And go on and get the coupon.

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        I went to and dantes is not on there. I do see that Cafe Grenada is listed, which I heard was pretty good.

        1. i sort of think Elizabeth's is over-rated. yes, its local. yes, the praline bacon is like crack. but other than that...the $15 eggs or whatever just didnt do it for us.

          1. Do you live here? Or visiting? If you're staying in the FQ, I'm not sure that Dante's is worth that large of a detour unless you planned on taking the streetcar down that way as part of your visit. Dante's does have better food and atmosphere, but it doesn't have praline bacon! ha!