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Feb 12, 2012 10:03 AM

Must eats in Positano, Capri and nearby?

Going to Positano and its neighbors for a couple of days and would love some recommendations on where we should eat. I would so appreciate any ideas - from must eat trattorias and pizzerias to bakeries and gelato. We haven't planned where we're going to day trip, but Sorrento/Capri is definitely one day. In fact, we could plan our day trips around great food or markets if they're worth it! Thank you!

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  1. There are lots of food reports here on CH that you can find with a search.

    My own opinion is that Positano itself is not a great eating center.

    Can you get to any of the other coastal towns or are you limited to the ones you mention? For example, I had very good meals recently in Cetara and in Furore; I believe I wrote about the Cetara lunch here and I know I've written other food reports about the area on CH:

    I never did finish that report; missing are meals at Il Ritrovo in Montepertuso and a few others.

    1. I've done some reading and here is the list I have going for Positano. Does anyone have updated information on these restaurants? Also, has anyone eaten at Il San Pietro? I see recs to just do drinks there and eat elsewhere. Is it not worth the cost? Thanks!
      • Da Vincenzo
      • Barilotto di Nonno
      • Taverna Del Leone
      • Barillotto del NonnoT
      • Buca di Bacco

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        also forgot to include

        • Il Ritrovo, Via Montepertuso, 77, Positano, Campania 84017, IT
        • Donna Rosa, Via Montepertuso,97-99, Positano, Campania 84017, IT

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          I had drinks on the San Pietro terrace so cannot comment on the food. Many guests when we were there were Americans. The view is, indeed, beautiful and they serve the most incredible almonds with drinks. (I believe these were Marcona from Spain but would love to know for certain).

          From the hotel, you can walk to Taverna de Leone, and also, I believe, to Barilotto di Nonno.

          I had a good dinner at Taverna de Leone and while the decor and clientele reminded me of Palm Beach or Boca Raton, the menu is wide and the dishes we sampled were well executed. (They also have good pizza).

          I had a less successful dinner at Il Ritrovo, although judging by the crowd that filled the place on the September night when we were there, the place has many fans. They will bring you to the restaurant in a van which departs from Chiesa Nuova area of Positano. I do not recommend the fish.

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          This may be fairly irrelevant, but 10 years ago on our honeymoon we stayed at Il San Pietro and had 2 or 3 meals there, and we recall those as the best meals of our lives.