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Feb 12, 2012 08:57 AM


Has anyone tried this new Falafel place. I see they are on 37th and Broadway. Reviews look good but is it worth a trip from Jersey?

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  1. If you're in the neighborhood, it's totally worth stopping by, but I wouldn't drive from Jersey just to try it, unless you're some kind of falafel fanatic.

    Falafel is wonderful, salads are amazing (and they have pickled eggplant! no one ever has pickled eggplant!), prices are hilariously low, but hummus tastes like Sabra. Tehina is pretty good.

    Overall, I recommend this place.

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    1. re: The Cameraman

      They now serve shnitzel and shwarma too. I had enjoyed the food when it was non-meat. Today we tried the new Pitopia.

      I was kept waiting close to 15 minutes for my shwarma sandwich-unacceptable. The french fried potatos I ordered were served cold.

      If they're going to make it, they had better tighten up their operation.

    2. Their menu is limited-which is fine. Everything I've tried is extremely tasty. Cameraman neglected to say how delicious and fresh are the pitas-which I am told are made on premises.

      My only criticism is what I encountered in my last visit-somewhat of a chintsy attitude.

      I ordered a humus platter. It comes with one add-on, people usually pick falafel. There are a huge amount of pickings that you can add, such as Cameraman indicated, pickled eggplant, etc.

      If I had purchased a chumus sandwich I would not have been limited. I was told (and embarrassed a little) that I may not add any of the pickings to my chumus platter.

      A humus platter ALWAYS comes with some kind of pickled product!

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      1. re: robocop

        Yes, I did neglect to mention how delicious the pitot, and everything else but the hummus, is. The hummus is just meh.

        The menu is very limited- falafel, sabbich, and not much else. Not even french fries!

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