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Feb 12, 2012 08:08 AM

Stella Rossa-Fab by Any Name But Turn Down the Volume

Sat up at the pizza making bar, cozy. Arrived at 7pm and already a 45-hour wait for a table, but that pizza bar was fine.

We had an Italian chopped salad which was nice traditional like but I would not order again due to its not being so special overall and the celery in it that was not mentioned on the menu.

We also had two pizzas, the Shaved Mushroom and the Bloomsdale Spinach (with that purple kale). The Shaved Mushroom pizza was TERRIFIC. It says it has black truffles, I just tasted truffle oil which went so well with the rosemary on the pizza, just divine. The Bloomsdale Spinach was very good as well, I loved the yummy slightly brussel sprout taste of the browned kale, was not as wild about the spinach (I think it was spinach) below. Overall, very good but the Shaved Mushroom pizza was a knockout, really nice.

The music was loud a la Pizzeria Mozza, although perhaps a tad quieter, had to sit through Huey Lewis and the News, yikes. What is it about this new breed of pizza places and their need to play loud music? Anyway, they should turn it down, and they should also get rid of that big screen TV playing sports, it gives it a cheaper, sports bar feel.

Overall, I would go back in a hearbeat for that Shaved Mushroom pizza, would try one of the "red" pizzas (maybe the organic sausage, that sounded nice) and I would go for the purple kale salad.

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  1. the sausage pie was excellent 4 of 5 times i ordered it...the last time, the crust was a bit gummy...only there once during a busy hour and it was extreeeememly loud...ugh

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    1. Return visit. Truffle mushroom pizza unfortunately lighter on the truffle oil. Sausage pizza only so so. They need to tread lighter on the balsamic for their brussel sprouts.

      The music was at the same volume, but at least it was Social D's "Bad Luck" so no complaints this time.

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        Not sound related, but am I the only one who thinks $35 is too much for pizza and a couple of beers (15 pizza + 12 beer +tax + tip)!

        1. re: manku

          Nope, There is a reason 800 degrees is so busy.