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Feb 12, 2012 07:10 AM

Please help with food delivery/gift certificate in Brooklyn (Park Slope)

A dear friend of mine just delivered a baby via c-section, and I wanted to send a gift certificate to her so that she and her husband could get some food/dinner delivered this week. I live in Memphis, TN and am having a tough time finding a place in my on-line research that delivers and that I can purchase a gift certificate from. Can a local help me out with a recommendation? Friends live in Park Slope area. Thanks so much!

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  1. I assume you want to send them a prepared meal from a local restaurant here in Park Slope. Generally, restaurants that delivery have defined delivery areas, so whether or not a particular restaurant will deliver would depend on your friends' address.

    As it happens, there are three food delivery services (all in competition with each other) that serve Park Slope: GrubHub, Seamless and They all have lists of local restaurants that will delivery meals through the particular service. There isn't any delivery charge to the customer. At the very least, you can peruse the services to see what restaurants do deliver.

    There is also MenuPages, which shows not only the menus but indicates which restaurants deliver. Once you decide on a place, I'd guess you would need to contact the restaurant directly to discuss payment.

    Hope this is of some assistance...

    1. If what BrookBoy thought was wrong - and you are not looking to have a restaurant deliver a single meal to their home, you could consider a fresh direct gift certificate. they deliver groceries and semi-prepared foods and while some people have had issues (especially with the produce) we've had generally positive experiences, especially with their partially assembled meals (for example, some family who are not cooking-inclined got a holiday meal including a side of salmon pre-seasoned with capers, dill and lemon, with a side container of white wine to pour-over before baking, carrots with glaze to be microwaved or brought to temp in a pan, seasoned green beans and some really good mac and cheese)