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favorite coffee mate/ international delights creamer flavor?

Yes, it might be shameful but some of these flavors are so doggone delicious that I want to drink coffee all day.

My favorites:


1. white chocolate caramel latte
2. peppermint mocha
3.caramel macchiato

International Delights:
1. skinny white chocolate mocha
2. white chocolate macadamia

**I prefer coffeemate to international delight, not sure why. Right now I've got peppermint mocha.

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  1. I drink my coffee black, but have enjoyed it with Bailey's for dessert in a restaurant. I don't remember which brand it was, but I had a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream flavor coffee creamer which was pretty good.

    1. Actual grocery purchase data will show Hazelnut and French Vanilla as far and away best ID sellers.

      1. I like my coffee black and unflavored, thank you very much.

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          Yeah, I thought maybe I shouldn't even reply to this thread, 'cause flavored coffees are anathema to me. If I want dessert, I'll order dessert. Coffee is black, strong and rich, doesn't need anything else.

        2. bought Coffee Mate Natural Bliss French Vanilla.
          sometimes it's a treat to add a something extra to my coffee that is usually black with a tiny bit of Stevia.
          woke up early to get news of Whitney Houston, coffee ready, let's break out the new coffee creamer. It's either gone bad although date says to sell by March 15 of it's an off flavor. I can simply say my tongue is not happy. back to basics with coffee black & Stevia :(

          1. I like either the FF French Vanilla or the Coffeemate (I think) Cinnamon FF French Vanilla....

            Got some plain ole Vanilla Milk from Wawa this morning....

            1. i prefer International delights myself -
              at the moment I have Irish creme, chocolate caramel and gingerbread. not a HUGE fan of the gingerbread.
              I like the pumpkin spice when it's available.

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                I have the gingerbread one too and don't much like it either.
                son likes anyone's Creme Brulee

              2. I'm a Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha gal! Luv it!!

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                  I know it's just evil but I love Vanilla Nut. It pisses me off because my supermarket does not sell it in the smaller size, unlike every other Coffee Mate flavor. So I have this huge bottle of something bad for me in the fridge. I have also tried the Italan Biscotti flavor, not sure of the name, but sooo good.

                  I could never, ever, ever drink coffee, black. Which is different, at least in my Jersey Italian American family, from black coffee, which is espresso. Anyone else do that? Is it a Jersey thing?

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                    ...I usually drink it black but when I want a treat....
                    my husband finds these "out there" flavors from who knows where that are REdunculous ;:-)))

                2. We prefer the Coffemate Vanilla Chai spice, but it is only available at certain times of the year. In between we'll go with their Italian Sweet Cream flavor.

                  We use a Capresso frother to simulate cappuccino (and because the creamer cools the coffee down too much otherwise. The issue we find, though, is that these creamers will not always froth. Called the Nestle people for info and were told it depends on the time of year and the specific plant they make it in. Kinda strange answer given that there's no milk in the product.

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                    I've seen 2 Nestles factories. Bet it wasn't made in Port of Spain Trinidad ;:-/