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Apr 1, 2000 12:34 AM

Lunch in Modesto

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Often at lunch, what I'm craving is a good, solid sandwich. The Brighter Side is the place to go in downtown Modesto to fill that craving. TBS is located in an old Flying A gas station (remeber that great logo?) and is truly funky. The outside has been modified with a bit of old barn wood siding, there is an outdoor seating area that looks like my back yard (a little better kept up), and the inside has a wood stove for cold days. You enter through what was the office and place your order by writing it on a slip of paper with your name and leaving the slip on the counter, then exit to a hall way and reemerge into what was the service bays, now the sale counter and dining area. Here you pay and pick up your drink and your sandwich when it emerges from the kitchen. Behind the counter is the owner, who perpetually looks like he is ready to bag it and jump in the wagon with his surf board (in a good way--he's always smiling).

Today I had a "Genora"--a particular favorite, it is on a roll with roast beef, jack cheese, avocados, lettuce tomato--heated to melt the cheese. Along with a glass of their made-on-the-premises sun tea, this is manna--I was full and happy all afternoon.

Located at 13th and K Streets.


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    Dave Feldman


    I've never been to Modesto, and there might be a chance I never WILL get to Modesto. But I just wanted you to know that even though I can't converse about the restaurants you discuss, I always enjoy your reports.

    If I DO get to Modesto, I guess I'll have to schedule a week just to visit all the places you've included.

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      george osner

      Well, hey--thanks for your kind words. Modesto is hardly a culinary mecca, but my challenge is finding the hidden treasure where I am. My kids, Jeremy Osner, Gabriel Solis & Miriam Osner, (all chowhounds)all concur with Jeremy's coinage that "Modesto is a nice place to live, but I wouldn't want to visit there." Of course, they all suffer from the perspective that all young folks have of needing to get away from the place one grew up.