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Feb 11, 2012 10:39 PM

DNISTER - Ukranian Deli - St. Lawrence Market

It had been a few months since I went to the St. Lawrence Market. I had no idea what I wanted but I was looking for something different.
We found a nice little Ukrainian Deli tucked away in the lower level. If my memory serves me correctly they were in a different location not too long ago.
The place is called DNISTER and is run by a lovely couple. I spoke with them for a wee bit and I was pleased to to learn that they prepare all of their meats on their own and there are no preservatives. We picked up some wonderful kolbassa that was very tasty.
The proprietor also told me that he smokes his meats himself. I am now kicking myself in the pants for not picking up some of his Smoked Meat. I will next week however and let you know.

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  1. Their cherry kielbasa is excellent!

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      Otonabee, that was one we picked up, yes, the cherry kielbasa was excellent. We also picked up some bigos that was very tasty. The Montreal style smoked meat is on the radar for next weekend.

    2. Are ALL their meats homemade? I'm pretty sure they've told me in the past that their dried sausages, like the csabai and landjaeger etc., are made for them by someone else. They're the ones on top of, not inside, the refrigerated case. But maybe that's changed. The landjaegers are certainly the best I've ever tasted.

      Also, it's always been in the same location, hasn't it? They renovated the space recently, which may be why it looked unfamiliar to you.

      Otherwise, agreed! Lovely family, terrific food.

      1. Honestly, when buying deli at the SLM, I go to Dnister rather than Scheffler. Dnister is very old-fashioned whereas I find Scheffler far too prissy and pricy.

        1. Love Dnister! Their mushroom perogies (in the freezer at the back) are delicious and good for a quick meal, although the price just went up to $13/bag. Also love the pork cabbage rolls (spiked with dill) and their fresh burger patties. Very tasty!

          1. They also have house-made pickles and sauerkraut. The sour pickles deliver exactly what you'd expect; Lots of punch and pucker.