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Mar 22, 2000 09:56 PM

Please suggest Sacramento eats

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I am visiting a friend in Carmichael next month and we are going to eat ourselves silly. Please suggest anything uniquely good in the area, we're adventurous!

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  1. I don't know if it is still around, because I haven't been to Sac in a few years, but Zelda's Pizza is fantastic. It's downtown Sacramento on 21st & O Street. The pizza crust is unbelievably delicious. It's flaky almost like a pie dough. Make sure you order the chopped garlic for the top. I would have these pizzas sent to me through overnight mail if I could!

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      Zelda's!!! Yes, it is still there. Before I moved to Tokyo 8 months ago, I made sure that one of my last meals was from Z's. Amazing crust, just like Terry bore witness to. It is definitely worth your time to stop by. Oh, how I long for a Zelda's pizza. (See my post in the International section).
      - Andy

      1. re: Andy P.

        Zelda's is the best. The Spinoccoli is wonderful. For a GREAT greasy burger and the hotest chili in the area, try the SQUEEZE IN out off Franklin Blvd. There are only 6 or 8 stools in front of the grill to sit at but it's terrific and very weird. Certainly worth it. It looks like a weird little orange and red gingerbread house out in a crummy industrial neighborhood.

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      David Burkhart

      I highly recommend Lemon Grass at 601 Munroe St (916) 486-4891. It's the best Thai I have ever had.

      I also recommend the Hartley House Bed & Breakfast, if you aren't staying with your friend. It's in an old Victorian-style home. The best thing there is the food: unlike most B&B's, you pick from a short menu the night before. It's excellent (try the cheese blintzes).

      1. Zelda's is awesome! Also, Andy Nguyen's on Broadway is one of my favorite vietnamese restaurants anywhere. What I miss most about Sacramento, though are JimBoy's tacos. I actually crave the chicken soft tacos there. Jimboy's has several locations, so check the phone book. Oh, and if you're in Sacramento during the hot summer months, you HAVE to have an orange freeze at Merlinos. Try Merlino's in on Walnut in Carmichael, or on Stockton Blvd. in Sac. A Merlinos Orange Freeze on a hot summer evening creates wonderful memories.