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Feb 11, 2012 10:30 PM

where to find a coffee after 10 pm on a Friday or Saturday night....

Caffe Frappe, 521, Athen's Pastries, Hollywood Gelato, 7 West, Tango Palace and various Nova Era locations are open after 10 pm.

Does anyone have any recs for places serving coffee after 10 in North Toronto? Or recs for bars/pubs in North TO that have decent coffee, where you wouldn't feel awkward just getting coffee?

Is Terroni's Bar Centrale decent for coffee and a bite late at night? Or would they expect you to order a full meal?

Terroni Bar Centrale
1095 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2L8, CA

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  1. How far up are you looking to go?
    If you are willing to commute to the suburbs. There are several places that have Taiwan style non alcoholic drinks (bubble tree, Fruit drinks etc. etc.) all of them are open way late and offer snacks and decent coffee in some cases. Main attraction are the drinks so ordering foods/snacks is not expected.
    Some examples are Fruit Jungle, Green Grotto Room , Bubble Tea and Me etc etc

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      Thanks elvisahmed. I was willing to go as far north as the 401, but I'm happy to have a list of places open north of the 401.

      What I'm hoping to find are a couple places open for coffee after 10 pm, north of Davenport, east of Bathurst, west of Leslie and south of the 401.

      In Yorkville, ZaZa Espresso Bar on Bellair is open until midnight, as is the Lettieri at Bellair and Cumberland.

      The Aroma at Yonge & Eg is open until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday night.

      Lettieri Espresso Bar Cafe
      94 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A3, CA

      Aroma Espresso Bar
      20 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M4R, CA

    2. Spin Dessert Cafe serves coffee, and the 2177 Yonge location, just south of Eglinton, is open until 11:30 pm Mon-Thu, and until 2 am on Fri & Sat. I didn't try the coffee, so I have no idea how it is, but thought I'd mention it as a place that's open later than most coffee places near Yonge & Eg. Sort of similar to Caffe Demetre in concept.

      Spin Dessert Cafe
      1060 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1P7, CA

      1. We were just at Lalibela on Bloor & Ossington and my spouse said that their coffee was bold but very tasty and not bitter. The Ethiopian coffee ritual seems amazing... they will roast beans fresh for you for a full pot. You could easily drink some coffee at the bar. They were super busy at 9pm tonight.(Friday).
        Very nice food (though I would pass on the teff bread and pay an extr 5 bucks for a fork if it didn't seem so gauche...)

        1. Anyone have a rec for an 11 pm coffee on a Sunday, other than 7 West, Tim Horton's, and Fran's, preferably north of College and south of St.Clair? It looks like Zaza and Lettieri close earlier on Sundays.

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            Maybe try Holy Oak on Bloor near Lansdowne? It doubles as a bar so they're open late.

            1. re: prima

              Don't know about the atmosphere, but the Starbucks in Sick Kids Hospital is open 24/7.

            2. I have stopped at Bar Italia on college as late as midnight and had a cappuccino while sitting on their outdoor patio. They didn't mind at all and they always seem to have room after their dinners have departed. It is common in Italy for people to go out for coffee after their meals and many restaurants don't even offer coffee.