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Feb 11, 2012 10:12 PM

Sitram Cybernox corrosion problem

I recently picked up a couple of used Sitram Cybernox fry pans on ebay, an 8" and a 10.5"; these are the older versions in which only the bottom has a(n encapsulated) aluminum core (the aluminum core run up the sides in the in the current Profiserie line), but they are induction-capable.

The smaller pan was in good condition; but the larger one has some small black specks of some sort of corrosion scattered across the otherwise very smooth cooking surface. I've tried removing them with detergent and scrub pads, then a copper "steel wool" type scouring pad; and finally a stainless steel one; but they won't budge. I don't want to use anything harsher, for fear of destroying the otherwise glass-smooth Cybernox finish.

The specks probably won't matter much for some tasks, such a browning meat, but will be a real problem for making a fritatta or tortilla-type omelet, which has to be flipped; perhaps even pancakes (haven't tried yet).

Does anyone know how to deal with this problem? Or can anyone point me to a blog or discussion group (even in French) which addresses the problem?

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  1. It's probably the stainless steel pitting. Run your nail over it. You can feel it catch.

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    1. re: unprofessional_chef

      I agree with the pitting. At some time the previous owner may have salted the food and salt crystals rested on the pan rather than being dissolved and absorbed by the food. This could have caused the pitting.

    2. It's not directly relevant to your question, but a small correction for those who might be interested in Sitram Profiserie: all of the Profiserie line has a thick aluminum disk base; it's not cladded up the sides. Sitram's Catering line is exactly the same except that the disk is 2.5mm copper. Current production of Profiserie can be used on induction cooktops; Catering new and old cannot.

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      1. re: ellabee

        I stand corrected on the Profiserie line (I was relying on product descriptions); however my two pre-Profiserie pans (which have the old (partly) black plastic "stay cool" handle, not the all-stainless handle of the Prorfiserie line ) definitely DO work fine on an induction cook top.

        As for "pitting," that would cause a pit, or indentation, in the pan. The black specks rise ABOVE the cooking surface; that's why I described them as corrosion (of the stainless steel, quite probably caused by salt), rather than pitting.

        In any event, the scrubbing with various scouring pads seems to have ground them down to barely noticeable levels, and they seem less troublesome now.

        Thanks for the replies.

        1. re: ellabee

          ellabie seems quite knowledgeable about things Sitram. The large pan arrived without the black plastic "stay-cool" inset. While the bare stainless steel handle is useable, it's not the most comfotable. Are replacements for the black plastic inset available, from Sitram or elsewhere?

          1. re: moonbeamer

            Sorry, can't offer any real info on the handle inserts; my Sitram knowledge is only from having a Sitram braiser/rondeau and from having window-shopped for one for several years. They've got two loop handles.

            The handle inserts for long-handled pans must surely be available; I'd first try the place you got the pan, but one of the other restaurant supply places that sell Sitram if no joy there (JB Prince, others).