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Feb 11, 2012 09:37 PM

Would have loved to try Eat Street Social

Being a huge fan of NE Social, I thought we would try the new "sister" of the Social family. Well, epic fail. I don't think they have a sign yet. It was dark and you can't see the place at all, it looks like an out of business building from the front. Only my savvy knowledge of address there (luck) let me know where the place should be. I know they only opened Thursday, but they pushed opening back so many times, I guess they weren't waiting for the sign. I sent in my wife to see if they could seat us and our child (6:00 pm on a Saturday and very cold, didn't want to take the little one out if it was a no go) Well, they said they don't have any high chairs or booster seats! Not wanting to eat with a one year old on my lap, I laughed at the repeated attempts to find the place and eat there (don't get me started on the parking) I am just not going to try that hard to give them my money. Is that wrong? Should they have the basics before they open the doors?

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  1. My husband and I ate at Eat Street Social this afternoon, and yes they still seem very new and clumsy. We went mid-afternoon and the hostess said they don't usually serve food at that time but there was soup and tuna sandwiches available, so we ordered those. We waited nearly half an hour for the soup, longer for the sandwich. The waitress came and apologized once and said that she didn't know what the hold up was; it wasn't busy. The food was OK, not bad, but not great either. However, the mixed drinks were amazing -designed by the Town Talk Diner geniuses I believe. I scanned the rest of the menu (both lunch and dinner menus) and nothing looked totally-ground-breaking-amazing to me but that doesn't mean too much. We didn't have trouble finding the place but we know the area and were lucky to see the address sign hanging. Parking wasn't a problem, we parked on the street for free a block and a half away. The design inside felt a little off to me too, the painted brown pillars felt a little too shiny and fake, and the steampunk-undertones a little tacked-on and clunky. It was really sunny today, maybe it looks better at night. We don't have kids so I can't speak to that aspect. But I did think the music excessively loud for the mid afternoon. Overall though, it was a positive experience but I'm not rushing out there again - for food at least, maybe for drinks.

    1. I went for the soft open on Thursday night about 11pm. It was packed for a soft open, lots of hipsters. Anyways I found the decor exactly what I wanted in that I was looking at this as more of a cocktail bar/speakeasy. Nicholas helped me selecting a scotch and was fairly knowledgeable and my questions he wasn't able to answer was able to bring over the distributor to answer some questions. I ended up getting a glass of Bunnahabain 12yr to start. Then since I had came for a cocktail I asked what their favorite is and someone recommended the French Connection and it was delicious. I think Minneapolis may have finally arrived in terms of cocktails, its nice to finally have an option that isn't so high class feeling like Marvel, La Belle Vie and Bradstreet. And I think it says something about the market that someone feels comfortable opening a place like this outside of downtown.

      Unfortunately I wasn't able to try the food since they had run out by 11pm. If you are looking for more information you can check out their consulting site . Ira has worked at Violet Hour in Chicago so obviously if you enjoy cocktails this place is a must. Looking forward to food reviews.