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A fruit for every season?

What fruit -- to you -- symbolizes each of the four seasons?

While I fully understand that with refrigeration and globalization, we can have bananas year-round and apples whenever, and watermelon in the dead of winter, there are certain fruits that either become popular or hit their peak depending on what month(s) we are in the calendar year.

So, with that said, what fruit brings to mind each of the four seasons?

For me:

Winter: Persimmons
Spring: Cherries (with strawberries a close second)
Summer: Watermelon
Fall: Apples

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  1. Winter - Satsuma
    Spring - Rhubarb
    Summer - Raspberry
    Autumn - Apple

    1. Winter: Oranges
      Spring: Strawberries
      Summer: Rainier cherries, blueberries
      Autumn: Pears

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        DITTO -
        Cept I need melons too for summer.

      2. winter: Blood oranges
        Spring: strawberries
        Summer : raspberries, rainier cherries
        Fall: apples

        1. Winter: Clementine
          Spring: Rhubarb
          Summer: Green Gage Plum tied with Apricot
          Autumn: Apple

          1. Winter: Oranges
            Spring: Strawberries
            Summer: Peaches
            Fall: Apples

            1. Winter.. ..Louisiana & Texas Citrus........
              Spring... ..Stromberries.(Strawberries)
              Summer....Elberta Peaches and Vine Ripe Tomatoes
              Fall..... .Kieffer pears Ripe off the tree...

              1. Winter: Kumquats
                Spring: Loquats and Mulberries
                Summer: Peaches
                Autumn: Pomegranates

                1. Winter: citrus
                  Spring: rhubarb
                  Summer: (August) peaches
                  Autumn: apples

                  Of course we eat many different types of fruit all year 'round, my list is for symbolism only.

                  1. w- honey bells
                    s- strawberries
                    s- tomatos
                    f- pomegranates

                    1. Winter: Oranges
                      Spring: Rhubarb
                      Summer: peaches, or cherries (I eagerly await the sour ones each year)
                      Fall: Apples

                      1. Winter: Blood Oranges
                        Spring: Mangoes
                        Summer: Raspberries
                        Autumn: Pears

                        1. Winter- Oranges
                          Spring- Strawberries
                          Summer- Tomatoes
                          Autumn- Apples