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Feb 11, 2012 07:53 PM

LC 3 1/2 qt wide oval dutch oven

Can anyone tell me if the LC 3 1/2 qt wide oval dutch oven is large enough for a leg of lamb or 4 bone prime rib roast. Would I get enough use from it or would I be better off to buy a 7 qt oval. I don't make a lot of stews or soups and don't think I need anything as deep as a 7 qt round or 7 qt oval as they would be extremely deep.

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  1. If you don't do braises, and are considering a smaller LC dutch oven for roasting a leg of lamb or a prime rib roast, you probably don't need the LC oven. Save your money and purchase a quality stainless steel roasting pan instead. DOs with high sides aren't a good candidate for roasting. Even an aluminum quarter-size sheet pan will work better than using a DO for roasting.

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      And specifically, the oval dutch ovens are just as deep as the roudn ones.

    2. Leg of Lamb? No way I could fit a small one in mine. I haven't bought a Prime Rib roast that would fit either.

      It works well for small roasts for a single person or a couple. You need a pretty short bone to fit it inside that small oval oven.