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Feb 11, 2012 06:19 PM

Great restaurants around SoMA that are stroller-friendly

We're going to be visiting SF from NYC with a 8-month old, and am staying on 3rd and Market in SoMA. We're looking for quality eats within a 20 minute walk around the area (or somewhere easy to get to with public transportation), and am happy to do anything ranging from casual/inexpensive to upscale/expensive as long as the place is stroller friendly. So far from scouring the boards, here are some places we're considering:

Swan Oyster Depot
Yank Sing
Citizen's Band
Slanted Door
Roli Roti Porchetta

We'll be there for 5 nights, so I'm eager to find additional places that Chowhounders love. Thanks!

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  1. You've managed to pick a bunch of small places. My thoughts:
    Canteen -- too small to fit a stroller (though I haven't been there since the slight remodel I don't expect the size has gotten better)
    AQ - might work out. Is quieter (or was before their reviews) brunch time. Might be worth calling them.
    Swan's -- only counter seating and tight seating at that. Strollers wouldn't fit.
    Yank Sing -- should work. Some of the seats are super tight; some are roomier
    Citizen's band -- should be able to fit a stroller but I'd give them the heads up. All the tables are lined against one wall.
    Slanted Door- Along with Yank Sing, the roomiest of your places.