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Feb 11, 2012 05:35 PM

new restaurant in Todos Santos

They will soon change their name to Desertu but for now it is Il Giardino. Jose and Karmen from Spain recently took over this space. Jose is from San Sebastian and worked at Arzak for a number of years. It is THE top restaurant in San Sebastian and one of the top three or four in Spain. They have an unfortunate location in TS but you must must must seek it out. I went the other night with a friend and we both had the fish special - mackerel lighly sauteed and served on an exquisite bed of roasted vegies. We shared a lovely caesar salad and each had two glasses of wine. With a generous tip it was about $35 each. He also sent out a lovely liqueur for us to try.

Don't have their pizza - they really don't want to do pizza but the place was Italian before they took over and people think they should serve pizza.

Coming into town from Cabo it is in the block past El Sol grocery store - just past the first street on the right. If you get to the stop light turn around and go back. It is on Degollado - the highway into town.

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  1. Darn! We are in Todos now, and I've been battling a little stomach flu, finally feel like eating something, and I want pizza. anyplace else you can recommend. People here will likely look at me like I'm crazy, asking about pizza, but we've been doing tacos and seafood for days, and frankly, if my poor little stomach wants pizza for it's first time back after such trauma, I'm willing to give it long it continues to be nice for the rest of the trip. BTW, tried Miguel's, had shrimp chiles rellenos, not really impressed. A little unfriendly and food was cold.

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      Great pizza - really good on Hidalgo just before Militar - a few doors down from La Bodega - used to be Buena Vida. So sorry you had a bad experience at Miguel's - must have been an off night. Be sure to have lunch or dinner at Zaguan - reliably good food and great soup for upset tummies.

      1. re: Mariana in Baja

        Wow, the irony is palpable...went to Zaguan (hadn't read your post yet), not the best experience, will tell you more later. Still in TS, went to LaPaz today, best food, just right there in the middle of nowhere, that we've had in a while. Am trying to keep notes, hope to share more once we get home next week. Will try pizza tonite or tomorrow. Went to Boyitaco (sp?) last night, beautiful brick pizza oven, tho they';re still trying to work out the kinks, so no pizza last nite :( Was so looking forward to something coming out of that horno magnifico! BTW, can you give me any specifics RE: La Guaycara? I've seen a couple of posts saying not to go there, but nothing specific. Walked thru, beautiful, but empty space.

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          Oh dear - I am surprised and disappointed to learn that your exerience at Zaguan wasn't great - very unusual IMO. I just came home from yet another really good meal there. Don't go to Cafelix for pizza . go to Pizza Napoli. Guaycura - sigh - beautiful space - go for a drink on the rooftop patio - music tomorrow night but not for dinner. If you have one more night go to Michael's at the Gallery - BEST food in town - only open Friday and Saturday and they are often full. go by tomorrow and see if you can get in tomorrow night - not cheap. Yes La Paz has amazing food for little dinero. Did you by chance get to Bizmark on the malecon - a friend and I had two smoked marlin tacos and two beer for about $10