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Feb 24, 2000 07:50 AM

Route One

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I'm leaving in a few days for a short break in CA. Starting from San Jose, the plan is to have a leisurely drive down the coast as far as Big Sur, then back again. I've checked previous posts here-- there's one San Jose post and several about Big Sur-- and of course have looked at Jim's write-ups about his trips to SF, but I was wondering (hoping, really) if anyone had any other recommendations for that whole area (Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Carmel, even Gilroy!) or up to an hour or two inland. Many thanks in advance. I'll report back, of course.

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  1. First of all,its Highway 1. Secondly,Highway 1 may be closed around Big Sur due to mudslides. I'm absolutely certain that it was closed over this past weekend. I suggest you find out whats going on there right now. If you do find that its open and want to know where to get a very good meal and an excellent bottle of wine, try the restaurant at Ventana, its right in the heart of Big Sur and a spectacular place. My favorite wine from their wine list is Talbott "Sleepy Hollow" Chardonnay which, for some reason tastes better in California than in NY.

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      Dittos on Ventanna. Memorable food, wine, views and prices. Worth every dollar. Make reservations ASAP.

    2. Here's a nice spot called Ketch Joanne Restaurant. Princeton By the Sea is about 4 miles North of Half Moon Bay on Highway 1. It's a local fish restaurant that is homey and a good bargain. The fish is very fresh and the pies are great! Stick with the simple preparations of fish for best results. Not for the diet conscious.