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Feb 11, 2012 05:34 PM

Report before I forget - Tofu on 7th Park Slope

Just had a very tasty meal in this tiny place. All dishes - dry pot lamb, with garlic, lots of chiles and szechuan peppercorn, sliced bamboo shoot and leek, the double cooked fish in a chile-oil sauce with leeks and an off-menu sauteed chinese broccoli were all very good. Mostly takeout but we enjoyed eating in and the friendly waitress. Nice that they let us bring in drinks, and a pleasant enhancement to the neighborhood which hasn't had a chinese restaurant worth patronizing for many years.

Tofu on 7th
226 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. A fairly long thread has developed on the renaissance of Tofu as a "Authentic Szechuan" restaurant appears here:

    We've been enjoying the twice-cooked fish and the sauteed pea shoots. The mapo tofu is also quite good, but the dandan noodles most have found disappointing. I hope the chef introduces
    a few new dishes soon.

    Given how many have added to the above thread, I'm surprised I haven't seen more people eating in. I guess the ambiance of the place encourages most to take-out.

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    1. re: famdoc

      whle small and formica, Tofu on 7th is perfectly acceptable for eating in - husband appreciated being able to bring in his beer to drink. the food is always going to be better eating in in a chinese place - I cant imagine the delightful 5-spice tinged wok fragrance of our lamb dish surviving the 10 min at least that a delivery item would take from wok to table.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Oh the wok fragrance survives just delivery helps..

        1. re: SamScaff

          not really, but I agree the food is still good - our leftovers certainly were.
          just recommending that for the best experience going in there and not just using delivery is worth it.

          1. re: jen kalb

            agreed it's better eaten in, but for me the best thing about this place is that it delivers to my house! I guess I feel like if I'm going to get in my car, I might as well go to one of the better ones that are further afield.
            But so happy to have them around to deliver. Got delivery again last night--the three pepper chicken was delicious and very spicy and the mapo tofu as good as always.

            1. re: jen kalb

              How would you know Jen if you never had it delivered? Some people...jeez.

              1. re: SamScaff

                Fried food tastes best when it comes out of the pan. The longer it sits around, the more it loses flavor.

                1. re: SamScaff

                  Wok hay is ephemeral - it disappears really fast - which is a good reason to taste your chinese dishes when they hit the table and will still burn your lips. This observation came from our enjoyment of the dry pot lamb which tasted and smelled just wonderful when first delivered. It was still great but not as exciting even 2 mins later. Looking at the row of delivery bags waiting for pickup we concluded we were glad to be sitting right there. Im sure this food is just great on delivery and there are lots of compensating convenience factors but no one should think that this or any other chinese food will be AS good on takeout.

                  PS thanks for flagging this restaurant in the first place on these Boards.

        2. fyi, they deliver to cobble hill (at least to henry street) and the food arrives fast and hot. bar none the best chinese delivery in the neighborhood, and their chicken with hot sauce was fantastic.

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          1. re: jon

            Yup - I ordered the three pepper chicken (or something like that, it was recommended on the other thread) and it arrived fast and in good shape. And this was a month or so ago, on grubhub no less which is not known for its speed.