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Feb 11, 2012 04:17 PM

Downtown Restaurant Advice

We are out-of-towners and we would appreciate any suggestions for a great, reasonably-priced dinner after a long day at the car show this coming Friday. I've poured through the threads, and we've narrowed it down to Beer Bistro, the Gabardine, or Khao San Road (our tastes are bit eclectic!) Any other suggestions? We are staying at the Royal York and although we'd prefer something close by, we are quite willing to take a reasonable cab ride for something exceptional.
Also, is there any place near Union Station where we can really good sandwiches for the train trip home? When visiting Montreal by train, we've picked up great picnics from Première Moisson ( - is there anything like that in the Front Street area?
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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  1. Of the three options Khao San Road is my favourite.....Khao san will be a reasonable cab ride from Royal York (also easily walkable if the weather holds up) and it really is fantastic- try the khao soi:) (note its not a special occasion type of place just really good food).... I am sorry but I cant think of a premier molson equivalent on front street- maybe someone else can help with that...

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    1. What day are you leaving. If it's saturday a short walk down to the St. Lawrence Market and you have a ton of options for picking up sandwiches, cheeses ect. I usually like to buy some really delish bread @ carousel and then go around and buy nibbles to go with it. Also I love the Gabardiine but depending on where you're from I'd go with Khao San Road, Gabardine is awesome but you probably have something like it at home. Beer bistro would be my last choice.

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        We are heading back to Ottawa on Saturday night, so the Market is a great suggestion - we'll check that out for sure. We do have some really good Thai and bistros here, but it's always nice to try something different. We are drawn to Beer Bistro because of the extensive beer lists, but we can always go there for lunch on Saturday. Cheers!

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          btw Gabardine is closed Saturdays.

      2. Thanks very much for your suggestions. We stopped by Beer Bistro Friday night to sample their beer list. They have some really interesting choices, and we loved the BrewDog Paradox! We went back for a lovely lunch on Saturday - the eggs benedict were great. Would highly recommend it - nice ambiance, great service, and of course, super beer!
        We ended up picking up sandwiches at the Longos on York Street - it was great alternative to the sorry little plastic blobs served by Via Rail. Thanks again!

        1. This is too late for the OP, but I thought I'd include a few thoughts in case anyone is looking for a sandwich to take on the train, from a place relatively close to Union Station.

          I've been picking up Mustachio's eggplant or veal sandwiches to-go and Portuguese custard tarts at the Churrasco place in the St Lawrence Market when I've been taking the train from Union lately. I would also recommend the Bifana sandwich from the Churrasco place.

          This is a tangent, but on the topic of ice cream on a Saturday near Union...

          One of my visitors was interested in having some ice cream near Union this past weekend, and the first place I thought of, off the top of my head, was Marche. Her 2 scoops in a waffle cone came to $9.20 including tax and the service charge Marche applies to everything. While I don't have a problem with the Marche service charge practice, and I realize Marche applies their service charge to everything they sell, I still think it's silly for Marche to apply a service charge to double scoop in a waffle cone.

          Five minutes later, as we walked through the Union Station food court, I remembered Purdy's also sells ice cream. More choices than Marche, too. And probably higher turnover. And no service charge. ;-) Does anyone have a favourite flavour at Purdy's?