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Feb 11, 2012 04:12 PM

Good reasonably priced food near Sandman Hotel

My sister is working the Boat Show and staying at the Sandman Hotel on Georgia. Is there anything relatively local to her which meets her parameters? (reasonably priced means entrees no higher than $25) thanks

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  1. where is she from? and how much time does she have if she's working a trade show? There's everything from way high-end to budget-helper Costco hotdogs (hey, they aren't that bad!) (the costco is close to GM / Rogers Place - i think your boat show is at BC Place? They are next to each other in any event.

    there is a T and T market (asian) nearby

    all of chinatown is nearby --- our asian relatives buy the steam buns from New Town bakery on Keefer St just west of Main St.

    for convenience and fairly light eating, i like the matzoh ball soup at Dunns (seymour and robson - and you can get take-out if that's more convenient) (but I could skip the meat sandwiches - IMO they are kind of more like corned beef than montreal style smoked meat)

    if she has more time - there's lots to choose from - the downtown area is not very big - just look at some of the other posts re: downtown (including yaletown, gastown, chinatown proper, west end Denman)

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      Tonight the show ends early so they would like a place to have a nice meal and relax.

      1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

        Chambar is close by. A few minutes further away are all the Gastown hotspots (L'Abattoir, Judas Goat, et al.)

    2. Nuba (Hastings & Cambie)

      La Casita (W. Cordova @ Abbott)

      Save-On-Meat Inc (Hastings btwn Abbott and Carrall)

      Pivo Public House (Abbott, just south of Pender)

      The Greedy Pig (W. Cordova @ Abbott)

      Of the above, The Greedy Pig and La Casita are my faves in terms of casual comfyness and value.