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Feb 11, 2012 04:08 PM

Best Old Tabernas in Madrid

Going to be back in Madrid this March and planning to hit up as many old bars as I can (I know tgere are lots of great new ones, but here in Toronto, a bar that's 20 years old is ancient). So far I've been to Casa Alberto and El Abuelo. Planning to visit Antonio Sanchez, La Ardosa andCasa Labra on this trip.

Any other must sees? Are these bars any good?

I'd love an expert opinion.


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  1. Here are some 100+ year old spots to add to your list. For the tabernas, you could easily string a bunch of them together if you wandered from 9-12pm.


    Casa Ciriaco (c/Mayor, 84 near the Palacio)
    Casa Paco (Puerta Cerrada, 11 in La Latina)
    Vinos 11/Casa Dani (c/Calatrava1 11 in La Latina)
    La Casa de las Torrijas/El As de los Vinos (Calle de la Paz, 4 near the Puerta del Sol)
    Bodegas Ricla (c/Cuchilleros, 6 near the Plaza Mayor)
    Bodega de Ángel Sierra (c/Gravina, 11 in Chueca)
    El Comunista (c/Figueroa 35 in Chueca--sign just says "Tienda de Vinos")

    Three old-school restaurants that specialize "cocido madrileño"--Madrid's heavy-duty winter dish.
    Taberna Oliveros (c/San Millán, 4 in La Latina--mysterious schedule)
    Malacatín (c/Ruda, 5 in La Latina--
    Taberna La Bola (c/Bola, 5 near the Palacio)


    Café Gijón (Paseo Recoletos, 21--legendary spot that gives out its own literary prize)
    Café Barbieri (c/Ave María, 45 in Lavapiés)
    Círculo de Bellas Artes Café (c/Alcalá, 42 near Cibeles)
    Café Comercial (Bilbao metro)
    Chocolatería San Ginés (Pasadizo de San Ginés near the Plaza Mayor)

    1. My recs are:
      * LA ARDOSA, Calle de Colón 13, for salmorejo, tortilla and croquetas.

      * BODEGAS RICLA, Calle de los Cuchilleros 6, for callos, boquerones en vinagre and vermouth on tap.

      * REVUELTA, Calle de Latoneros 3, for bacalao, torreznos, calamares en su tinta and callos.

      * VINOS 11 aka CASA DANI, Calle Calatrava 11, for jamón and chorizo.

      * LA PALOMA, Calle de Toledo 85, for grilled prawns and shellfish.

      * TABERNA J.BLANCO, Calle de las Tabernillas 23, for delicious callos.

      * LOS CARACOLES, Calle de Toledo 106, for caracoles (snails) and tortilla.

      * CRUZ, Plaza de la Cebada corner with Calle de las Maldonadas, for sardines, patatas bravas and navajas (razor clams).

      * CASA TONI, Calle de la Cruz 14, for zarajos, pimientos de Padrón and oreja.

      * LA VENENCIA, Calle de Echegaray 7, for Sherry wine --fino, manzanilla, amontillado or oloroso--

      * ALHAMBRA, Calle de la Victoria 9, for cecina and mojama.

      * FREIDURÍA DE GALLINEJAS, Calle de Embajadores 84, for lamb offal.

      * VILLA ROSA, Plaza de Santa Ana, for flamenco show (new management).

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      1. re: JuanDoe

        Thanks so much! I will have to plot them on a map and walk around. We're staying near the palace this time, so some of them might be a bit of a walk.

        Chocolateria San Gines rocks! No need to worry about me returning there :)

        I do remember briefly stopping at Alhambra, but had to leave because I couldn't take the intense cigarette smoke in there.