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Latin American Food crawl suggestions San Francisco only

I've got a friend visiting for a couple of weeks from Taiwan. She wants to try lots of Latin American food, she has no dietary restriction and a bottomless stomach.

So far I've come up with these possibilities
Delany's for Bolivian
Roosevelt Tamale Parlor
Venga Empanadas- Argentinian style not as good as in Argentina but cheap and tasty

skipping Canto Do Brazil, have had bad food and service there

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  1. La Mar Cebichería Peruana

    1. Mr. Pollo

      Taqueria Cancun

      El Tonayense Taco Truck

      El Zocalo or Balompie Cafe for papusas

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        yes I think we are going to make an afternoon of just trying different papusas.

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          New Spot in Dogpatch is where to find the best pupusas in the city. And based on experience, a pupusa crawl doesn't last very long--too heavy to eat them all day.

          The New Spot
          632 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94107

      2. is Delany's open for business again ? they were closed a few months ago. they made very good salten~as, but keep in mind, Bolivian food is somewhat atypical of latin american cooking, much is understated and fairly plain. the unique foods, like freeze dried tubers, are relatively bland.

        Poc Chuc and La Torta Gorda would have foods that aren't represented on your list.

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          oh that would suck. I really like Delany's and I love the food there. I'll give them a call. I don't mind what you call bland food.

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            that's why you add llajwa to everything!

          2. Delaney's is closed, unfortunately.

            I like Inka's for their rotisserie chicken - best in the city, in our opinion.

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              dammit, know any other Bolivian places in the city?

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                yeah, a place i've never been to, and have not wanted to go, Pena Pachamama, in North Beach. Self-described as "organic Bolivian food" - just never appealed, and never heard anything stellar about it...

              2. Ecuadorean: Poquito http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/741193

                Peruvian seafood: Mochica, La Mar

                Colombian: El Majahual

                Brazilian: Bossa Nova, Espetus

                New Mexican: Green Chile Kitchen

                Cuban: Paladar

                1. bumping this old thread to let people know that Delaney's is reopening in a new spot:

                  1349 SILVER AVE., SAN FRANCISCO CA, 94134
                  (415) 533 - 1221 (415) 999 - 8135 (415) 533 - 1053

                  I received an email from them announcing that they will be opening this weekend, and on Sunday they will be donating 50% of their proceeds to help the victims of flooding in the Beni area of Bolivia. i'd paste the email here but it's in Spanish, so I thought I'd just post salient information.

                  the owner told me (I spoke to him Sat. as he was delivering salteñas to me that i'd ordered) that in the beginning they will only be open for lunch, and will have rotating dishes - probably two at a time, in addition to the salteñas. This Sunday's offerings are chicharron (fried pork) and silpancho (like a thinly pounded chicken fried steak, usually served with an egg on top, over rice and roasted potatoes). The email also says they'll be playing cacho - a game of dice. They'll have beer and soft drinks.

                  I may go Sunday, and if I do, i'll report back. I've recently been ordering their salteñas quite a bit and they've gotten better and better. they're best when they're super brothy inside, which is not always the case, but the flavor of the meat (I only ever get meat) and especially of the dough is more like the ones I've had in Bolivia.

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                    That building (assuming it's still standing) looks rather...residential:


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                        Previously a Barber Shop?

                        Anyway, restaurants in converted houses in a residential neighborhood aren't entirely new . . . like Vientian Cafe & Champa Garden?

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                        It's also zoned for residential use. I'm guessing either there was a typo in the address or it's an "underground" restaurant, in which case a little discretion is in order.

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                        this is welcome news, gracias. i.i.r.c., the meat salten~as have both chicken and ground beef, rather than chicken with only chicken, papa, egg,olive/veg., but it's been some time.

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                          hey moto - we have been ordering meat-only saltenas for at least 2 years from these guys - they may have the mixed ones, or only chicken, but I don't like those - just my personal preference in saltenas. but I know for sure you can get meat only. and by meat only, I do mean that they also have potatoes, egg, olive, etc. - all of them have those ingredients in addition to the protein(s)

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                          Good news! Does the email mention days and hours open?

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                            hi Melanie, no, sorry, just saw this. It did not. i'm wondering now if that email was really about the opening of the restaurant (which he did tell me was on Silver in our live conversation) or just a one-off food/charity event on Sunday. the email did not make it seem that way, but the address is worrying me. so i'm going to call and will report back.

                            ETA - well that was quick! i called Alfonso and he said yes, that is the address, and it is a restaurant ... his response to me was a little unclear when i said that it looked like a house, but he said that it definitely is the correct address of their new restaurant, that open this weekend, that they will open only on weekends for now, and only for lunch for now.

                        3. Here's a some Latino food spots that serve food made for Latino's:

                          Lelenita's cakes - get the tres leches! This is where the Mexican families go to get food for their quincineras

                          Kings Bakery - A Chinese owned panaderia. Story from my ex who is Mexican is that the Chinese family bought out some Mexixans.

                          La Palma Mexicatessen - Best chicharones ever.

                          Chavas - I like the Birria and Menudo on the weekends. Haven't been there for much else.