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Feb 11, 2012 01:57 PM

Mobile Food Truck Forum @ RO Farmer's Market - DTW

Any other area hounds stop in? It was a great idea...5-6 trucks there, including Ned's Travelburger, Jacques Taco, El Guapo, Concrete Cuisine, Chow and Mama Taco. Inside of the market looked very cool with a number of the trucks and the twinkly lights.

However, operationally it need some major revision. The lines were incredible -- up to half hour to hour just to order, another 45 minutes to get the order. And this for street food. We only ended up at two places and the food was just OK...ever getting there at 5:30 (the thing started at 5) some items, most popular, were already sold out.

Lines need to be marked much better... they sprawled all around. Pre-ordering has to be essential. It's ridiculous to stand in line forever, just to give an order. One truck had somebody going down the line and taking orders which speeded things up incrementally.

I'm surprised anyone was surprised that there would be a massive turnout. We were already too deep into order to walk out and lose our money so we hung around for another hour to get dinner.

It's a great idea, but some real thought needs to go into the next iteration of this event. Big time.

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  1. You earned your hard-core foodie badge today. OMG

    1. I had heard the rumors that it was a total FUBAR experience, with wait times of over an hour, most of the food gone, and general anarchy. Thanks for taking one for the team, BB. I would have been far more cruel than you in my reporting of such a fiasco.

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      1. re: boagman

        Thanks, VTB! And, no, I can't say anarchy, but we didn't stay late. There was generally a lot of good will, some good music and folks were excited by the event...but enthusiasm flagged as the wait times greeeewwwwwwww. My suggestion is to only offer 3-4 items, have a pre-order process and have more trucks in the parking lot where there's more room. Quality of food is probably a reflection of the huge demand...

        1. re: berkleybabe

          I went too, took a look around, decided not to wait and left.

          I tried a short rib taco and a spicy shrimp one from El Guapo on Wayne State's campus the next day. Five minute wait and the short rib was very good though more like the asian bun sandwiches from San Street at Mark's Carts in Ann Arbor than one might expect of a taco. I consider that a very good thing. The spicy shrimp taco was boring.

          There will be a repeat Food Truck Rally March 14, same location for now. Apparently they're looking to do rotating locations each Wednesday in warmer weather. Dearborn and Eastpointe have so far volunteered.

          1. re: ak994

            Well let's hope they get their operational act together...all of them.

            1. re: berkleybabe

              I went March 14, we got there right AT 5:30 and it was already busy. El Guapo & Jaques Tacos were the two best trucks...
              My complaint was not the wait times but the lack of variety. You see all these exciting & unique street food shows on the cooking channel and all everybody had in RO was tacos, burgers or a hotdog guy. Granted the tacos were a little dressed up but what about some noodles or salads or seafood????? anything other than a taco would have been an improvement. We enjoyed the experience, certianly wouldn't wait more than 15 minutes for streetfood... unlesss...
              they had a beer truck next time. just saying...

      2. There's another of these Food Truck events tomorrow at (behind) Rust Belt Market at 9 Mile & Woodward in Ferndale. 4-7pm if I recall correctly. Should be a great, warm day for a walk up the street to Treat Dreams for ice cream if the truck lines are too long, so not a total loss either way.