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Feb 11, 2012 01:35 PM

Sitting or Standing in the Kitchen?

Do you do all of your home cooking on your feet?

One of my favorite memories from growing up was of family members sitting around the kitchen table chatting while preparing food, mostly vegetables or baked goods, to be cooked.
My kitchen's too small to even think about trying to fit a table in, so there is no sitting while preparing food. Sometimes I really miss being able to sit while prepping.

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  1. Standing, unless barbecuing. In which case I'll sit on a stump and drink a beer or four.

    1. In the kitchen--almost always standing. Even though I have a bad knee, standing seems to be the way to go.

      Lots of summertime sitting on the porch, however--shelling peas, breaking beans, husking corn.

      1. my table is for eating.

        food prep is messy. i prep and stand at the counter, near the sink and the trash. i also wash my hands about a million times while i cook and couldn't do that if i was a few feet away.

        1. Standing, and because of that, I refused to put ceramic tile or porcelain on the floor. Instead, I went with a resilient surface that is commercial grade...looks apparently like cork and feels apparently like cork, but without the hassles of cork (everyone who comes in says I LOVE your floor so COMFORTABLE but you know I really HATE cork...LOLOL).
          However, DH DOES love to help with prep, and that's why I love my island.
          Perhaps the island with a sit in bar area has replaced the kitchen table in alot of kitchens?

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            Freia: I'm in the same boat...what specifically is the resilient surface that you chose?

            1. re: pine time

              Mannington Adura Magma, which is now called "sicilian stone" in the residential line, The industrial grade which is what the side of the box in my garage says. I'm not sure if it is made in this thickness anymore as we got this around 6 years ago. If you look on the site this is alluded to as the "colorway name" for Sicilian Stone is apparently "magma" but if you go to the Mannington Commercial site you won't find it there anymore.


              The advantages that we found were that the tile is quite thick but very strong due to a titanium layer (making it a bugger to cut LOL), and that it could be butt joined as the tiles were rectified, and that the way it was installed, if we drop something on the floor and the floor for whatever reason is gouged (aka a knife falls the wrong way), we can use a heat gun to lift up the tile and put a new tile directly down in its place. No fuss, no muss. And its cushy underfoot, too, making people think we have cork whereas in reality, it is a resilient tile.

              1. re: freia

                Wow--miracle stuff! Thanks for the detailed info.

          2. I do most prepping standing up, but if I have a lot of peppers or green beans to clean, I'll sit on the couch that acts as a "banguette" at our kitchen table. Very comfy.