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Jan 3, 2000 09:07 PM

Will be at Rancho Valencia Feb3

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I will be traveling from NYC to Rancho Valencia (North of San Diego) Feb 3 and would be really appreciative of any info about good places to eat dinner. I follow the NYC board religiously and know how excellent the chowhound info is. Thanks.

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  1. Mille Fleurs, in nearby Ranch Santa Fe, has not-bad fancy French food that makes intensive use of the produce from Chino Ranch, America's single best vegetable farm. And I am fond of the Mexican food at the hokily named but excellent North County Taco Auctioneers in Solano Beach: surfer-saturated, but with great versions of sopa de fideo, queso fundido, puntas and the usual taco-enchilada repertoire.

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      Thanks so much for your reply. I will definitely report back when I return to NYC. I am invariably impressed with the kindness and generosity of Californians which accounts for my many trips to the Sunshine State. Thanks again.