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Feb 11, 2012 11:37 AM

Where to buy lime leaves in Regina?

Does anyone know where to buy kaffir lime leaves in Regina?

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  1. Any East Indian/Pakistani grocery will have them.

    1. By lime leaves, do you mean Kaffir leaves. I would be willing to mail them to you from Toronto. A huge bag here is $1.99 and so damn light. Let me know?

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      1. re: cinderelladressmaker

        Anne where are you? The lime leaves you want are just a post office box away! No charge, just one foodie favour to another! Obviously you wouldn't want to post your address on here, but I can easily send them to a business address close by to you? And by the way, the large bag I bought recently was $1.29! What a fabulous smell they have! Cheers!

      2. Any Chinese store will have them. Also try Tony's on Victoria near Arcola.

        1. I've bought frozen kaffir lime leaves from the Asian grocery store that's located on Albert Street, across the street from Humpty's restaurant.

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            Okay, not in Regina specifically, but I have seen them in many big chain grocery stores in the packages herbs section of the veggies in AB and BC (even small town BC)