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Feb 11, 2012 11:28 AM

What should I cook in North Beach

We are going to be visiting in San Francisco and staying in an apartment in the North Beach area. I am making a dinner for friends in the area and I'm overwhelmed by all the food sources in the area. What markets should I visit and what suggestions do you have for a menu that I can source locally?

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  1. Go to the Ferry Plaza farmers market early on a Saturday.

    Stockton Street south of Broadway for Chinese fish and poultry markets.

    1. +1 Walk to Chinatown along Stockton to shop for fresh produce and meat.
      There's also a tiny gourmet shop named Little Vine at 1541 Grant Ave. with salumi, cheese, wine, pastries, etc. And if u are closer to the Fisherman's Wharf area, then there's a Trader Joe's and a Safeway nearby.

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        Little Vine looks great. I am thinking Chinese vegetables with some kind of wontons - maybe made with sausage. Or maybe I go to Fisherman's wharf and get some crab for the wontons. I also heard that there are several bakeries in the area where I can get good buns.

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          Go to Fishermans' wharf for the crab, but go early in the day and buy ONLY at Alioto -Lazio (not Alioto's Restaurant),at the west end of the wharf. They deserve your business, and will have the freshest product, whether you choose the live (recommended) or cooked version. They also have a pretty good selection of other stuff if you should want to make a cioppino. They aren't the cheapest, but shopping around will only save you a few bucks, and they are dependable.

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            The wharf area is 99.9% tourist trap. As little big al suggests, the only reason to shop at the Wharf is Alioto-Lazio, but call first.