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Dec 22, 1999 10:14 PM

orange county eating

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please i really need help this trendy or stuffy places...just good fish, any type asian, tasty non-fajita joint mexican...also san diego and/or tijuana(really!) it worth the drive?

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  1. Probably too late for your trip bt here are my picks in Long Beach/Seal Beach areas:

    Walt's Wharf - If it's fresher, it's still swimming" Seal Beach
    Captain Jack - Great crab platter. Sunset Beach
    House of Madame Jo Jo's - Eclectic and creative. Go Saturday nights and wear boas hats and gloves that the owner will distribute to patrons!!!Long Beach
    Sugar Shack-- Great breakfasts - Hntington Beach
    Harbor House Cafe- Great 24 hour eats on PCH in Sunset

    1. Way too late to help you, I think, but for future reference or anyone still looking:
      Maggiano's in SouthCoast Plaza
      Il Farro in Newport Beach
      Darya (Persian food) in SouthCoast Plaza
      And I personally don't think it worth the drive to TJ's, my friend keep coming back from there with infectious amoebas and things!